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WATCH: Why Don't Democrat's Want To Stop Child Trafficking, Drug Smuggling and these acts in video?

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The Border Patrol released footage of a Smuggler dropping two children, 6 and 9 years of age, off the border wall into Barbed Wire in a bid to draw Border Patrol to their aid. Once they successfully made the Agent's move from their posts, they pushed 10 illegal immigrants across a different section.

The question is simple: We know that the Sex Trafficking of minors and adults alike numbers in the tens of thousands. We know that there is more fentanyl smuggled between the ports of entry through the open border fence gaps than would be needed to kill every american citizen. Twice. And we know that the cartels will murder, rape and kidnap children to their own ends. As we saw for these two children who were kidnapped from El Salvador. We know ALL of these FACTS, so why aren't the Democrats more willing to tackle and shut this issue down?

Maybe it's time we start getting answers to these very important questions.


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