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Why does the Democratic Party hate Black Men?

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Kevin Hart and now Kyler Murray, an up and coming football star and winner of the Heisman trophy, have been targeted, researched, and attacked by what can only be called a feverish consorted effort by Neo-Liberal's to discredit them and keep them from receiving honor where honor is due.

The nation, or at least those of us with an IQ over 50 and a moral compass that points right of extreme left, were dismayed to see the outcry over Kevin Hart and his decade's old tweets about homosexuality (Quick Note - In the 90's to mid-2000's, the regular vernacular was to call everything "Gay" and/or "Fag," even used by the gay community of the time) and his subsequent removal from the honor of hosting the Grammy Awards.

To most of us, the thought of having our decade's old random tweets and words being dug up by some overweight shaved head, but not armpit, SJW woman/her/shim/zer/it in a bid to steal an honor we've worked our entire lives for, is more than repugnant, It's inconceivable.

and yet, this exact tactic has been used not once, but twice, by the Liberal Crowd. Oh, how the Hypocrisy keeps on shining through. who could have thought that the tactics used by Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of democrat demagogues to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, would set a precedent to accomplish more Nazism? -- EVERYONE.

After the honor of being the host at the Grammy Awards was stolen from Kevin Hart, only to be replaced by an androgynous homosexual "comedian" - if you've seen her special you will understand the quotation marks -

the neo-liberal left struck again with their not-so-well hidden attempt to summon their Confederate Slave Owner heritage and attack another person of color, they set their sites on the next Black Man who has achieved much in his life: Kyler Murray.

For those who are not into sports or college football, Kyler Murray just received the NAACP Heisman Trophy - Congratulations, Kyler. Unfortunately, Kyler also decided to make the heinous crime of being a successful black person in today's America.

As we are seeing, with two different examples in one week, the America of the Democratic Party is NOT a friendly one to people of color. Especially if you're a Black Male. Which seems to have been placed right next to being a straight white male.

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