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WATCH: Video That Has Ellen Being Called "Homophobic" By Insane Leftists.

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Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most prominent figures in the LGBT community, is facing backlash from LGBT activists for her defense of comedian Kevin Hart, who felt compelled to step down as host of the Oscars after he says the Academy demanded he apologize for past remarks that offended gay people.

In clips from an interview that airs in full Friday, DeGeneres gives Hart a chance to again apologize for tweets and jokes dating back to 2009 that were the source of a firestorm over the announcement that he would be the next host of the Oscars. She also says that she contacted the Academy and asked them how they'd feel about Hart reversing his decision to step down.

"I had an incredible and honest conversation with [Kevin Hart] about hosting the #Oscars. It was supposed to air on Monday. I don’t want you to have to wait, so now it’s gonna air tomorrow," Ellen announced in a series of tweets Thursday. "I believe in forgiveness. I believe in second chances. And I believe in [Kevin Hart]," she added along with a 6-minute clip of her sit-down with Hart Thursday. "In this conversation, [Kevin Hart] was authentic and real, and I’m in his corner."

Source: Daily Wire / Twitter Ellen DeGeneres / HTR Media,llc.


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