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WATCH: "Shaun King is White Nationalist Senator" Liberal states, while Defending antisemitism.

Nothing states "Liberal Sheeple" like this clip: On Laura Ingraham's "Ingraham Angle," the founder of Code Pink was defending the highly Anti-Semitic Linda Sarsaur against the Jewish Based Anti Defamation League's claims of Sarsaur being exactly what she is: Anti Jew, Anti Israel.

Our Liberal Sheep decides to run through her talking points that her Liberal Overlords regurgitate daily, but while doing so, showed how ill-educated these people actually are, stating:

"We have White Nationalism in the White House, The Senate, and House! - "Shaun King! He is a White Nationalist Senator."

Michelle Malkin and Laura Ingraham, both jaws on the floor, decided to clear the record. WATCH BELOW.


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