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New Zealand Mosque Shooter Live Streamed The Horrific Incident To Facebook, CNN Spreading FakeNews.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

#NewZealandShooting #Terrorism

(We chose to include the link to the video because it is relevant to the time at hand. CNN and the Main Stream Media are already spreading inaccurate news and lies regarding the Terrorist's Motives that are disputed by the Gunman's own words as well as words written on his firearms.)

40 people have been killed in a mass shooting at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch – by a man streaming it all live from his Facebook account.

Police say they have four people — three men and one woman — in custody but can’t guarantee there aren’t other offenders. “Let’s not assume the danger is gone,” New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said, adding that it’s possible the danger is not contained in the city alone. He also said there were a “significant number” of fatalities, but wouldn’t offer a concrete number at this point.

There have been two shooting incidents so far: one at the Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and another at the Linwood Mosque in the suburb of Linwood, Radio New Zealand reports. Police said they found improvised explosive devices attached to vehicles.

WARNING! This video is very graphic. (WATCH HERE)

It must be noted that ANY act of terrorism is reprehensible and pure evil. Despite what the Main Stream Media is trying to convey, this has NOTHING to do with President Trump, Pewdiepie, or anyone from the right. The truth about his motives are clear, and in his manifesto he proclaims allegiance to Eco-fascism and the new "Socialist" China.

CNN is already perpetrating a false narrative making the connection to Trump (some how even though it's a different country) and even PewDiePie, a popular YouTuber.

#CNN is lying. Blatantly lying. You would think that after they received their $270,000,000 Defamation Lawsuit after purposely spreading fakenews about the Covington Catholic Teens, they would learn their lesson, but it seems not.

This is where it's imperative to wait for facts to unfold before making any further assumptions outside of the fact that a horrific event has struck New Zealand and it's communities.

Stay tuned for more information.

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