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WATCH: New York Times States 'Hezbollah Terrorist's Not So Bad' They Like Christmas Too.

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Daily Wire - On Monday, The New York Times, in an effort to show that radical Islamists in Lebanon hate Israel but actually love Christians, published an article in which representatives of Iran, the leading state sponsor of terrorism and whose government encourages chants of “Death to the U.S.,” celebrated Christmas, and Hezbollah, which has been named a terrorist organization by the United states, imported a Santa Claus.

Promoting the piece, the Times wrote on Twitter, “Hezbollah, the Shiite political movement and militia that the United States has branded a terrorist organization, has helped ring in the season in previous years, importing a Santa to Beirut’s southern suburbs to distribute gifts.

The Times reported on an Iranian-sponsored event on Saturday at which an Iranian cultural attaché stood near “a twinkling Christmas tree, a gold star gilding its tip. Angel ornaments and miniature Santa hats nestled among its branches. Fake snow dusted fake pine needles.” The attaché proclaimed, “Today, we’re celebrating the birth of Christ and also the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.” The new mufti of the Shiite Muslims of Lebanon, Ahmed Kabalan, added that Christians and Muslims “are one family, against corruption, with social justice, against authority, against Israel, with the Lebanese Army and with the resistance.”

The Times also tried to cleanse the deadly terrorist group Hezbollah, writing:

Even Hezbollah, the Shiite political movement and militia that the United States has branded a terrorist organization, has helped ring in the season. In previous years, it imported a Santa to Beirut’s southern suburbs to distribute gifts. On Saturday, Hezbollah representatives were on hand for the Iranian Christmas concert, an event also featuring handicrafts by Iranian artists, but the organization skipped Santa this year because of financial constraints.

The Times writes that although there have been problems with the Sunni areas of Lebanon vis-à-vis Christianity, notably, according to one television news report, some Christmas trees in Tripoli being burned down in 2015, such thinking was absent among the Shiite Muslims. The Times quoted Ahmad Tarjoman, 48, a Beirut-based correspondent for Iranian state television, asserting, “We follow Imam Ali, who told us to respect other cultures.”

In case the Times missed it, the Hezbollah manifesto of 2009 states:

Following World War II, the United States became the center of polarization and hegemony in the world; as such a project witnessed tremendous development on the levels of domination and subjugation that is unprecedented in history, making use and taking advantage of the multifaceted achievements on the several levels of knowledge, culture, technology, economy as well as the military level - that are supported by an economic-political system that only views the world as markets that are to abide by the American view. The most dangerous aspect in the western hegemony - the American one precisely - is that they consider themselves owners of the world and therefore, this expanding strategy along with the economic-capitalist project has become a “western expanding strategy” that turned to be an international scheme of limitless greed … There is no doubt that the American Terrorism is the origin of all terrorism in this world.

Full Article: Daily Wire

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