WATCH: Kayleigh Responds to Jim Acosta's Rally Concerns With Spot-on NY Post Cover.

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As expected, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was inundated with questions about President Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally in Tulsa, OK this Saturday. Jim Acosta, acting very concerned, noted that Oklahoma has experienced an uptick in coronavirus cases recently since the state has begun to reopen.

McEnany responded with a cover of the NY Post. On Tuesday's front page, the Post exposed a bit of media hypocrisy. On the one hand, NBC News was concerned about Trump's upcoming rally and how it will draw tens of thousands of people at a time when we're supposed to still be social distancing. On the other hand, the outlet glowingly reported on a black trans lives matter rally, which also featured thousands of participants. Why, both the Post and McEnany asked, is one okay and not the other?

After fielding what she tallied was her 10th question on campaign rallies, the press secretary instructed the press room to "exhibit that same concern" for protesters who are not social distancing and not wearing masks as they are for Trump campaign goers. Protests and riots have sprung up all over the country after the tragic Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

By the way, Acosta wondered, why is Trump holding a rally in the first place since it's not in support of anything? A defiant McEnany explained that he and his supporters are rallying on behalf of the administration's successes.

She ended the briefing and walked out by waving the NY Post cover once more, and adding, "I hope we start seeing more consistent headlines."


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