WATCH: Islamic Refugee Sexually Molests 8yo Girl, Admits To It, But FATHER OF VICTIM GETS ARRESTED

Updated: Mar 13

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UK, Britain via TR.News : What the hell is wrong with our world that an 8-yr-old girl is sexually assaulted and instead of police arresting the monster who perpetrated the sickening attack, they drag the child's the father away?!

Tommy took his kids and his wife to Centre Parcs for a fun-filled day, what Tommy wasn’t expecting that day was a struggle in the swimming pool leading to his arrest.

Tommy’s little girl is only eight years old; she went to Centre Parcs excited to spend time with her mum, her dad and her siblings. A day of fun ended up being a nightmare for an innocent little girl, spoiled by the predatory perversions of a child molesting nonce.

Tommy’s daughter was playing in the shallow end of the “children’s” swimming pool at Centre Parcs, a middle-aged man grabbed her bum as he walked past, he didn’t say a word, he didn’t even look at her. Tommy’s little girl was in shock; she got straight out of the pool and told her dad.

It was the right thing to do!

The Police were called by Centre Parcs security staff, Tommy waited three hours for them to arrive. After the Police interviewed Tommy’s wife and his daughter, they confirmed the man admitted to grabbing his daughters bum.

You would think at this point the child molester would be arrested, carted away and interrogated further at a Police station. But this story comes with a twist; no the offender was not arrested at all, the Police even confirmed this to Tommy at the time. The child molester complained about the “injuries he suffered” during the struggle. Because there were witnesses corroborating the offender’s complaint, Police arrested Tommy instead and charged him with common assault in the end.

If there were two lessons to take away from this terrible experience, it would be that little girls think by telling the truth, they will get their daddy’s arrested and sent to prison. Secondly, it gives a disturbing insight as to how Police deal with child sex offenders, the offender being let off, the child victim left with the feeling of not being taken seriously or believed, and the dad, the protector, punished for doing what a dad should do.

Now we can see how and why vulnerable girls all across the UK have no confidence in the Police. And why the Rape of Britain happened.


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