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WATCH: Creepy Joe Biden's Sexual Assault's Being DEFENDED By MSM, Feminists Alike.

#MeToo #SexualAssault #BelieveWomen

US Politics - Jordan Peltz recently covered the Biden Sexual Assault allegations on his XM Show highlighting the complete and total lunacy of the main stream media propagandist's at MSNBC and CNN after attacking the women who are alleging sexual misconduct by previous vice president Joe Biden.

This should not be happening! After all, during the 2016 elections the Main Stream Media and Miss Clinton spoke non-stop about then candidate Trump's locker-room talk and then during the Kavanaugh hearings we were bombarded with 24/7 news talking about believing all women and me too, but alas, when the role is reversed and it's a Democrat that has allegations brought against him, the very same "Feminist Warriors" flip a proverbial 180 and attack the women of the allegations.



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