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WATCH: Black Attackers, Jewish Victims - Left Wing Denial on Antisemitism in NYC. (*VIOLENT VIDEOS)

Updated: Feb 24

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It should go without saying; If there is a growing violence issue the people responsible MUST be noted, discussed and then held accountable. The violence against those in the Jewish community has risen to at least 1 ATTACK PER DAY FOR 3 WEEKS.

A Black Brooklyn woman,Tiffany Harris, allegedly slapped three Orthodox women in Crown Heights on Friday while yelling “F-U, Jews!”

She was released without bail on Saturday, only to allegedly punch another woman on Sunday — for which she was again cut loose on Monday.

Harris’ alleged crimes and the attack detailed by Behrman are among a slew of anti-Semitic attacks across the city during the eight-day Hanukkah celebration — a total that doesn’t include a machete-wielding madman’s rampage Saturday night in Monsey, NY that left five Hasidic men injured.

The video released today, is via one of our favorite content creators: NeoUnrealist.

"After a spike in attacks against Jews in and around New York City, Democrats and leftist blue Twitter checkmarks tried to place blame on President Trump and white supremacy. A bizarre political strategy considering all the attacks are believed to have been carried out by black perpetrators who have overwhelmingly been the attackers of Jews in New York going back several decades. Long before Trump ever assumed political office. "


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