WATCH: Voters are 'fed up' with 'continual media witch hunts' against President Trump. #Trump2020

Updated: Feb 24

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The Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine says certain media outlets in the United States will "view and report stories to put the worst possible spin" on US President Donald Trump. Ms Devine told Sky News host Chris Kenny the current climate in US media "couldn't be more polarised".

"It's gone back to the sort of Wild West days of yonder when there was just one type of media for the right and one type for the left and never the twain shall meet". "It's just black and white, it's either good guys or bad buys."

Ms Devine also said many voters are just "fed up" and "see through what they view as a dishonest media portrayal of the president and these witch hunts that have been going on endlessly".



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