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WATCH: Trump Makes Startling Revelation About the Deep State, Confirming Neo-Left Globalist Agenda.

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In what should be the most viewed segment in the last 60 years, and a confirmation that should UNITE the People of the United States of America, Tucker Carlson speaks with a former high ranking military official confirming what President Trump revealed during an interview the previous day regarding the military industrial complex and the Deep State.

We all have heard of #communism but not many of us really know the true history of why and how Karl Marx wrote his manifesto. That was, however, until the recent release of 100,000+ "Top Secret" CIA Documents - thanks to President Trump - revealed that the #DeepState was involved in a "major way" with it's origin.

In the 1990s, a whistleblower revealed documents that exposed the shadow war between President John F. Kennedy and the CIA that was/is being used as a "Military Covert Operational Arm" of a Globalist Cabal and why he was assassinated.

The only other President's in our Nations history that worked to fight against the Military Industrial Complex and Globalist Cabal were either assassinated or survived an assassination attempt, which brings the urgent nature of this paramount information being revealed by President Trump.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue as it directly effects the very fabric of our entire nation and the fact Democrat President JFK was fighting this same Deep State enemy and died as a patriot in doing so, proves this point.


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