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Kavanaugh -v- Neo-Facism:

How the circus in D.C., orchestrated by the Democrats, will be one of the final nails in their neo-facist collective coffin's.

By now, unless you've been hiding under a rock, or are willfully ignorant of truth and facts, (ie. the liberal sheeples whom blindly lap up tepid and puerile talking points their overlord's mouthpieces known as the "main stream media," gleefully regurgitate,) you have seen the vile acts performed by an increasingly EVIL Democratic party as they fight the Supreme Court Justice nominee, Honorable Bret Kavanaugh and his rightful nomination to the Supreme Court.

I have watched this circus continue to unfold like an Edgar Allan Poe poem mixed with bouts of limpwristed attempts at grandiose scenes from Gladiator and an episode of American Horror Story with a side-show attraction showcasing a swastika wearing donkey running wild, stampeding any innocent bystander that has the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Yes,that was a reference to Sen. Graham.)

“These have been my friends, but when it comes to this, if you’re looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time.” - Sen. Graham. (source)

Those closest to me in my day to day have been on an almost fearful roller-coaster. They themselves, wondering if the Neo-Facist, I mean Democrats, were going to be allowed to break more laws, proceed to create more discourse and evil, while destroying an amazing man, his family, and our nations own honor in how we conduct ourselves, and then get away with it "Scott-Free." Again.

At times, I find myself wandering down the CNN/Fake News wormhole and begin to doubt everything I knew as truth. A quick step back and I remember what I actually KNOW regarding this matter and our nation's future, and what is currently happening as a result of #OpQ #Q and the #deepstate being dismantled daily, which brings me to the reason for this post:

The Democratic Party, their increasingly smaller network of actors in the DOJ, CIA, and Main Stream Media are LOSING. And it's the illegal tactics displayed here, that are killing them. We're unraveling their treason layer by layer. As we do, they show us more illegal actions out of desperation. Have Faith.

You see, there is an S.O.P., or standard operating protocol, when investigating large, multi-layered, organized crime syndicates/corporations, and as a result of Operation Q, Social Media allowing us to subvert the Main Stream Media causing the subsequent loss of the #deepstate's grip on the American Presidential Election resulting in President Trump's win, we are all witnessing this S.O.P. take place in real time. Why do you think the Neo-Facist Democratic party relied so heavily on the FBI? How do you think Ex-President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton, Obama, George Bush Sr/Jr were able to blatantly break the law, including very odious crimes of Treason, Murder, Rape, etc. etc., and not be brought to justice? The FBI, DOJ, State Department, and Media had all been setup to cover, lie, fake, and deceive the people of the United States of America. ( click here for more info on this)

The fact we see the Democrats using the same tactic they have used for decades, the FBI, to discredit those they hate, exonerate their own crimes, and mislead the USA by having their Media Giants spotlight what they want and attack what they don't want, is NOT something to be fearful of, worry about or have ANY reaction other than this:

They are showing us, in detail, their criminal tactics, who is involved, and playing right into the hands of the operation to drain the swamp. This is a GOOD THING.

The only other point that needs to be made here is this: Have faith. Our Nation is waking up. Despite the rhetoric seen in the media, our nation IS UNITING and most IMPORTANTLY, look and listen to the Republicans in office now. They were mostly "Anti-Trump," bi-partisan liberal enablers who are now seeing the egregious acts performed by the Left against an honorable, amazing man and his family, all while leaving Mrs. Ford to rot on the wayside. AND THIS IS WHY THEY ARE ON FIRE AND BECOMING UNITED.

This circus orchestrated by the Democratic Party has UNITED AND IGNITED the Republican party, as well as moderate Democrats, and the citizen's of the USA... Which will be the END of the Neo-Facists formerly known as the "Democratic Party" as we know it.
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