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Liberal Insanity:Teaching Children To Judge A Person By Their Merit, Not Color Of Skin Now "Racist."

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Attack on Education

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Growing up a late 80's to 90's kid I remember from the first day in pre-school we were taught to be "colorblind" and about all of the dangers of "seeing anyone outside who they are as a person (regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual preference.) and the actions they take," can be.

It wasn't until the election of President Obama that I, and all around me (both black and white), began to be told how wrong we were in this teaching and that race, or sexual preference should be the first item we see. If we failed to do so, we are somehow victimizing and hurting others violently.

As if over night the White House was handing down education reforms and creating new parts of the government to implement social justice on behalf of these new groups of people that were now nothing more than helpless victims.

We as a Nation were told that the Police, Military, Education Systems and the Nation itself was, in fact, "Racist" and If we didn't agree with these new insane rules, we too were Racist, Vile Bigots akin to being in league with Adolph Hitler.

We are going to be discussing a trend in child development and education that most parents probably aren't even aware of: Children MUST be taught to see Race and Sexual Orientation FIRST and Judging by the actions of a person is actually bad, and/or racist.

The first paper we are going to be discussing is titled:

The Opposite of Colorblind: Why It's Essential to Talk to Children About Race.' By Stacy Whitman

Many African American parents already know what “the talk” is. It’s not the talk that many white parents might expect—we’re not talking about the birds and the bees. No, this “talk” is the one where black parents have to sit with their children and discuss how they might be perceived by the world around them: particularly police, but also teachers, neighbors, and friends who are not from their racial background.

There is a lot to unpack in the opening paragraph, but the most important being "this talk."

There isn't a single self respecting black american, at least the number we have discussed this with, that would agree with this. And why wouldn't they agree? It's simple.

They aren't raising their children to be a victim, nor feel like they are going to be victimized. (Interesting note: each black person we discussed this with is a Conservative or an ex-democrat that is now a proud member of the #walkaway #blexit movement)

“Nonwhite parents are about three times more likely to discuss race than white parents,” said a 2007 study. “It’s the children whose parents do directly address race — and directly means far more than vaguely declaring everyone to be equal — who are less likely to make assumptions about people based on the color of our skin.”

Except this is false. Teaching children to always look at a person's skin color, or sexual orientation, in order to judge how to proceed in talking to them or treat them, is a direct contradiction to Martin Luther King's speech and his dream that his children will be judged merely on the basis of their merit - or actions/who they are as a person - rather than the color of their skin.

The "Race Card Project" is one of the leading advocates for this post-Obama era ideology that is a direct contradiction which openly states in it's front page post

I have found a “societal dirty bomb” embedded in that way of thinking. It is oriented around the idea of the racial/ethic “melting pot” that is America.

What good is it to teach people that we have to treat certain races or sexes in a manor not consistent with how they themselves are being treated by those same races or sexes? All this does is sow division, anger and favoritism. This "favoritism of victims" has been implemented into the highest levels of education and is now destroying the hopes of many kids who had dreams of going to college. And all because they're not A Person of Color or are Straight so they're not deemed a "Victim."

The latest SAT College tests have added a "Privilege" section. My question is, in hopes of doing what? Giving those who are the biggest "victim" the opportunities they did not earn and denying those that had earned them, but happened to be white or God forbid male, so they're being told "sorry kid."

Testing is a perfect example of all that is wrong with today's 2019 societal liberal insanity. Testing is supposed to cut away everything that DOES NOT MATTER and show data on the best qualified candidate for a position or achievements by the person or that they met their goal. Which is why the ideology of "Equal Opportunity" was a great step forward in creating a fair and just society.

Equal Opportunity was designed to cut away ALL abilities to judge someone by their race, sex, religion or status in life. It was the affirmation of Dr. King's Dream Speech. Allowing everyone to be judge solely on their abilities and merit. Not skin color. Yet, that has now been perverted, as everything good always is, by the neo-leftist movement and is now "racist."

We're being told that Equal Opportunity is no longer "okay." Instead, we need to insure "Equal Outcomes."

Equal Outcomes is about as vile and pejorative idea as any being forced into tangibility by the neo-left. Taking the merit - or competitive - aspect out of every part of life from education to job seeking has proven to be disastrous in the Scandinavian nations who have pushed this as far as possible and it shouldn't take a genius to see why.

When you begin telling people their hard work or sacrifices don't matter because someone who wasn't willing to make those same sacrifices or put in the same hard work is going to get what it is they're working for because they happen to be female, or a person of color, you quickly see a sharp decline in productivity and positivity across ALL aspects of a society.

With all of the aforementioned laid out what can we conclude? Why would the Democrat Party and Globalist Neo-Left be pushing for the total destruction of one of the most influential and amazing men in history, Dr. King, as well as, the forward momentum our world has made in eradicating racism and bias?

Well, it's simple actually. The Democrat Party has always been a party of low moral proclivity. They haven't changed since the Civil War and I personally don't believe they ever will. If they can erode and destroy something, history seems to show that they will.

It's this conclusion that we should see it as no surprise they would now also be wanting to do away with having to be judged by their merit and morals. What else can someone do if they're morally corrupt and vapid?


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