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Stop it Michelle, Being a Bitch Just to Sell Books is "Cheap, Tacky Shot" - Piers Morgan

Stop it Michelle, for someone who hates ‘going low’ your bitchy sniping at Melania just to sell books is a cheap, tacky shot.

Michelle Obama appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show last night and decided to prove she, her husband and all Democrat's, are petty, angry, moron's. Why it's a surprise to anyone that Liberal's, let alone their King and King, Michael and Barack Obama, are mean and vindictive jerks, is beyond us.

Piers Morgan via Daily Mail Writes:

Oh Michelle. Not you, too?

Just when I thought there was one person in public life that soared effortlessly and admirably above the incessantly ugly partisan trash-talk that pervades every second of American airspace these days, Mrs Obama has let me down.

And frankly, she has let herself down too.

Appearing on last night’s Jimmy Fallon show, Michelle inexplicably decided to plunge the bitchy knife firmly into the back of her successor as First Lady, Melania Trump.

From Last Night's Jimmy Fallon Show. Bitchy Obama stated "Bye Felicia" in reference to MelaniaTrump.

The attack came after Fallon showed her a photo of her and husband Barack boarding Air Force One for the last time after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

‘Can you just walk me through…,’ said Fallon.

But before he could even finish the question, Michelle interrupted with a sneering: ‘Bye Felicia!’

Fallon collapsed with laughter and the audience whooped with joy.

And wherever she was, Melania Trump must have winced with anger and humiliation.

The phrase ‘Bye Felicia’ is an intensely derogatory one. It was first coined by rapper Ice Cube’s character Craig in the 1995 cult stoner comedy movie, Friday.

A local girl named Felicia who annoys the neighbourhood with her constant begging, and shameless attempts to live off others, annoys Craig.

When she asks if she can borrow his car, and a marijuana joint, he point blank refuses, then looks away and says simply ‘Bye, Felicia’ in a dismissive tone. The phrase is now widely used, especially on social media, as an ice cold ‘kiss off’ for unpleasant people who you want to avoid.

It means, depending on which dictionary you refer to, a variant on: ‘I’m done with you, I have no interest in you, or anything you have to say.’

It’s specifically designed to cause hurt to the recipient.

Michelle Obama likes to pride herself as being street-wise and down with the kids, so will have known all this when she said it.

She is a very smart woman too, so she will have also known that ‘Felicia’ is a very similar phonetic name to ‘Melania’, so it would be very obvious to whom she was referring.

This slur would be bad enough, but Michelle wasn’t finished there.

Talking of the stress of that Inauguration day, she said: ‘Then the Tiffany’s box..’ and crunched her face into an expression of withering theatrical bemusement.

She was referring to the expensive picture frame gift that Melania gave her outside the White House.

Full Article here: Daily Mail.


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