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Snopes Paid to Push ‘Propaganda’ by Facebook, Former Editor Reveals

Our Co-Founder Jordan Peltz was victim to the Snopes, Facebook, MSM dichotomy during his rise in the Public Figure sphere. Here's some vindication, Mr. Peltz.

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Snopes is paid by Facebook to push "propaganda," according to the former managing editor of the "fact-checker," who claims the social media giant "doesn't care" about facts and is using journalists to promote an agenda so it can "pass the buck."

According to a bombshell report by the Guardian, several current and former Facebook fact-checkers have stepped forward and spoken out to reveal their distrust in the social network and their fact-checking employers.

Facebook has fact-checking partnerships with Snopes, PolitiFact, Factcheck.org, the Weekly Standard, and Associated Press, and uses the information provided by these organizations to reduce the reach of posts that are "debunked" in their News Feed.

Snopes.com and Our Personal History with this tactic

After making a meteoric rise in viral-fame from a video posted to his personal YouTube channel discussing information he saw and heard from #Infowars, among friends in the Military Community, about ANTIFA and a November Uprising. The New York Times wrote an entire front page article calling Mr. Peltz , Infowars and the Republican Party, liars and was immediately inundated by #Twitter Doxers.

Subsequently, Buzzfeed, Snopes, Twitter, CNN, Facebook, and the normal Main Stream Media, disgustingly took their facts from the Doxer and NOT Mr. Peltz himself. Slate Magazine was the only media company to actually contact Mr. Peltz and interview him. That said, they also created TWO separate articles that were "edited' out after Mr. Peltz had stated he was "Happy with their objectivity."

Needless to say, this created death threats, attacks on his family, his name, his relationship (which has since ended) and more. He spent over 8 months in a Cease and Desist from two major Media Companies in a bid to silence him, which is why he Founded and is a Co-Partner of HTR News Media, llc.

Fox News, OAN, Rebel.TV held normal and correct interviews, that was supposed to clear his name, but instead, only served to create Snopes to further attack Mr. Peltz and the rest of the Conservative Heads.

WATCH: Mr. Peltz Interview with OAN -vs- CNN, BuzzFeed, New York Times.

Sources for Mr. Peltz: OAN Interview | Snopes.com article (false) | Slate.com Article |

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