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RUNNING FROM JUSTICE: Hillary Clinton skips speaking tour to head over seas for "wedding."

Should it be any surprise that the Clinton's have decided to leave their horrible speaking tour (sales down 89%) to go over seas - A week prior to the Unsealing of the 55,000 Indictment's via Operation #QAnon ?

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The 4chan and Reddit channel's have been abuzz with the conspicuous "secret note" that was passed to the members of the Deep State (watch explanation below) . Unfortunately, it would seem that the week the long awaited and notorious Sealed Indictment's are to begin being unsealed, the Clinton's believe they should cancel their Speaking Tour to attend a Wedding - In India.

According to The Daily Wire -

Hillary Clinton appears to have officially called time on her and Bill Clinton's ill-fated "conversation tour," hopping a flight to India for a wedding without any word of rescheduling a canceled appearance in Sugar Land, Texas.

Last week, the pair, who failed to draw any significant attention at either of two appearances in Canada, announced that they'd be "postponing" the Sugar Land appearance because of former President George H. W. Bush's funeral, but promised a new tour date "soon."

This weekend, though, Hillary Clinton was spotted getting her groove on at a high society wedding in Udaipur, India, according to The Hill, and is expected to be in India all week, celebrating

For those of us whom are a bit more intellectual and have researched the aforementioned topic ad nauseam and with a skeptical eye - How could you not be skeptical at first? Deep State, Kabal, Luciferianism, and anything that could otherwise make an amazing spy novel - we can only conclude the quick, and very conspicuous departure has a more meaningful motive behind it, by the Clinton's.

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Be watching for our upcoming video in our "Wake Up" series discussing this, #Q, and the current status of the Operation.

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