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WATCH: Muslim's Protesting Homosexuality Say 'Executing Gays Okay, Islam WILL Take Over West'

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For those whom are still asleep to the current war raging to maintain the Freedoms we all enjoy every single day, the words from these Muslim's in Toronto should come as a horrifying shock.

What these men are admitting to is a well known, but violently hidden tactic Islam uses to actually invade and destroy entire nations: Move in, begin breeding and protesting for equal rights, take over city council and mayoral positions then begin dismantling their host nations from the inside out.

David Menzies of The Rebel media reports: The honesty was refreshing albeit highly disturbing: A Muslim Al Quds Day protester in Toronto on June 1 advocates that Canada should be ruled by Sharia law.

We have covered and discussed the reality of the threat Islam truly is to the entire free world.

Which can be found here:


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