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WATCH: Covington Catholic MAGA Kid's 'Reverse-the-Roles' and Full Video Truth. -VIP-

#MAGAKids #CovingtonCatholic #MSMLies

Reverse-the-Roles: In this video, we are discussing the factual evidence and timeline behind the entire #CovingtonCatholic event that took place this last Saturday, as well as, turned the Roles Around and the "Race" of the Children to show the GLARING HYPOCRISY that the Main Stream Media and Hollywood has just exhibited.

#MAGAKids from Covington Catholic High School have been subject to some of the worst #FakeNews and #NeoLiberal Assault's to date. They've Received Death Threats, Their School is Closed for Security Concern's and ALL due to a factual, provable LIE perpetrated by CNN and the Main Stream Media.

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