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It's Time Our Elected Official's Lead By Example: A Plead From America.

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Since President Trump announced his candidacy, and subsequently drove the Hollywood Elite and Main Stream Media that had previously Loved him to lose their collective minds, our nation, and the world, has turned into a battleground of opposition, insane rhetoric and false accusations. It has quite literally driven the left mad, calling for violence, generating fake hate crimes (400+) and moving them so far to the Neo-Left that they are losing their base while exposing the truth behind their basic desires and the building blocks of their platform: Totalitarianism

This is the basis of this open letter. It is more of a plea really, as we are coming up to what may be the most, if not last, pivotal election in the history of our Nation, as such we're going to take a look at a few of the law's that the Democrat Party, and even some Republican Party Leaders, have proposed to restrict the American way of life that they simply do not follow themselves, nor do they think they need to.

Open borders - No Wall:

“A wall, in my view, is an immorality. It’s the least effective way to protect the border and the most costly. I can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’s a good idea — unless this has something to do with something else,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said shortly before the government shutdown.

We'll ignore her blatant attempt at calling President Trump, and anyone supporting the wall, a racist with her "unless this has to do with something else" comment and jump right to the heart of the issue: Border Walls and Security are immoral.

Hypocrite Alert - Lead by Example:

If Walls and Border security is immoral, and the american people must be forced to deal with the open threat of known drug and child sex traffickers, murders and even proven and documented terrorists crossing our southern border, so should the Democrat and Republicans that support this.

Nancy Pelosi, and the aforementioned, should lose the walls and barriers around their home, office, and their families in order to "Lead by Example." After all, the majority of the American people don't have the money to live in secured, gated communities and especially don't have the money for multiple barrier walls between the public and their homes.

2nd Amendment - No Right to own firearms:

It's not a surprise, or it shouldn't be a surprise the Democrat Party has been openly seeking to eliminate the right for American Citizen's to protect themselves through the use of firearms. This is a very easy example and case to make. If this is "Ground Breaking" information please do us a favor and read more of our content as you've been living in one hell of a vacuous fishbowl it would seem.

Hypocrite Alert - Lead by Example:

Any legislature or Person discussing the disarmament of the American people should them themselves be left without armed guards. Only the regular Police, on a regular tour of duty - No Special Assignments - with regular Dispatch Response times the rest of America has to live with.

Just imagine if Republican's had surrounded Nancy Pelosi's Home and she had no security, barriers, or a means of stopping them from walking right to her front door like what happened to Tucker Carlson's Family this evening by Maxine Water's direction.

Universal Healthcare:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, among most up and coming liberal politicians, are openly Socialist and speak of "Universal Healthcare" rather gleefully.

The last universal healthcare system that Obama and his minions forced upon us at the threat of being fined for not accepting it had a neat little caveat that most Democrat and Republican supporters didn't know about: Members of Congress, Senate and in Power could opt-out without fear or reprisal. And BOTH Ocasio-Cortez and Sander's idea's for Universal Healthcare have the same exact setup. Forced on the American people, but they aren't subjected to it.

The Washington Times, not a very Conservative or Trump loving media outlet posted this article and painted the picture perfectly:

Calling Trump: Remove Congress' illegal exemption from Obamacare now

Health care subsidy is illegal

Then there is the good ole' Nancy Pelosi saying we have to pass Obamacare before ANYONE can actually know what it contains. Insane right? Not under Obama for the Democrat Party it wasn't.

Hypocrite Alert - Lead by Example:

I already answered this above, but for sanity - or OCD - sake, I'll reiterate it here: The next round of Universal Healthcare proposed by Democratic Socialists should be forced on them and their families as well.

I can promise you that once they have to go to a local VA for their healthcare and receive the 8 hour long waits and hell that is Government ran anything (Can we say DMV, State Offices, Court houses, Jails, or Post Office anyone?) these people who are used to exploiting an income of millions per year on what is supposed to only be $125,000 income as political leadership (We'll discuss that one next) and having their elitist lives catered to them on the backs of actual American's, will think twice.


I know this seems like a fantasy and something that will never happen. Making those that lead us follow their own laws. Crazy idea, I know. However, the beauty of our Republic here in these United States is that "We the people HAVE that Power." We've seen the election process being degraded and destroyed. We've seen the tactics these people will use to exploit and destroy what is America, but We the People can rise up. We have a voice. We've been silent for far too long.

They are chipping away at the fabric of what makes America what it is daily. It's time we the people en mass rise up. We are the well regulated militia, btw. I'm not talking about physical violence. Just the opposite, in fact. What I am saying is we see the Liberal Media film and showcase these tiny percentage of outcasts protesting and we accept that as the status quo - it's a tactic to divide us. However, look at a President Trump rally and see the literal hundreds of thousands who wait in line just to hear him speak.

That is what I'm talking about. We are under threat of losing what we ALL hold so dear. Imagine mobilizing those 100,000 people per city and marching on the town centers to make their voices heard. THAT is what our forefathers designed in to this great nation.

That, is our right as Free People in OUR Constitutional Republic.

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