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WATCH: Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax - We Asked Rev. Al Sharpton and Top Democrat's Tough Questions.

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If you follow us on our Facebook page, you will have no doubt seen our video discussing this Hate Hoax long before the Main Stream Media was ever able to own up to it being a Hate Hoax. Now that the truth has come out, we have been utilizing our increasingly censored Twitter account, and other Social Media platforms, to ask the tough, direct questions we know ALL of you want to ask in hopes to illicit a response. Did we receive one?

(Video At End Of Article)

Our first question to Sen. Kamala Harris who called this a "Modern day Lynching:"

Then, Jordan Peltz (founder/co-partner of HTR Media) brought up the case via his Daily XM Radio Cast: Still No reply.

NEXT: In response to Al Sharpton using his platform again, capitalize on the Fake Suffering of a Black Individual, despite the fact it was faked and further divided our nation.

It would seem the Democrat Party, the famous sheeple and their followers would rather divide our nation, destroy ALL race relations than actually admit fault, and extend a hand in a bid to help HEAL our Nation. Let us not forget, President Obama was the most Divisive, Destructive and Horrific President in our Nation's history that has lead us to this point. That's a Black, Democrat Man not a Republican, who has destroyed this nation.


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