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Jewish man attacked - hospitalized after ANTIFA mistakes him for "Proud Boy."

Everything wrong with our Democratic Party is summed up in this one video. At an event in Pittsburgh over the weekend, a Jewish man by the name of Zacharia, made the "fatal mistake" of going to both sides of a protest to see what each side had to say.

While he was on the side of the Conservative's he realized someone was recording him and smiling while standing among ANTIFA. Unsettled by this, he decided to leave the protest and head home. Unfortunately, once he left the safety of the Conservative side, he was quickly surrounded by Black Mask Wearing Thugs. Screaming how he is a NAZI, A PROUD BOY, and the usual Mob NPC Rhetoric.

The Police that were on hand quickly seemed to intervene, helping walk him away from this mob. He covered his face out of fear of being Doxed, the usual anonymous low-testicular-fortitude but effective tactic by ANTIFA and Democrats alike, having an onslaught of false rape allegations, hate crimes, and the always awesome, death threats, that have systematically ruined thousands of lives.

As Zacharia is being "escorted" away by police, he is met with a barrage of verbal attacks: 'Leave Proud Boy!' Yea, Cover Your Face NAZI!' 'Disgusting Pig!' - Zacharia made the mistake, even though he's being escorted by police, of stopping to answer someone yelling "NAZI" by stating "I'm a Jewish Maso-- I'm not a Nazi!" to which ANTIFA NPC retorts "How do WE know you're a Jew?!?"

[How long is it going to take for the rest of the world to see who the TRUE Nazi's here are? This is the actual definition and playbook of the Brownshirts in Nazi Germany. And ANTIFA/Democrat's, who are YOU to be the judge of what someone is? Can you NOT see the Hypocrisy here? Or are you that insanely brainwashed that you still can't see what the ENTIRE world is seeing? ]

It is at this point the police decide to not really do their job, and allow someone through their line to head-butt Zacharia. HTR News Media is VERY pro-blue, always have been, always will. However, we also know there has been MANY towns and cities across the USA given stand down orders, and even encouraged to push Trump/Conservatives directly INTO the violent mobs of NPC ANTIFA and SHEEPLE's. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY, OFFICERS.

This has been a bit of a different story to cover as it hits very close to home on a lot of levels. Having an ex wife and daughter who is Jewish, as well as, watching these disgusting and vile NPC MOB's and ANTIFA act this way, has me seeing red. And with that, I'll leave it here. Sorry for the unprofessional format. It's taken all I have inside me to not punch each key through the keyboard. Godbless and Open Your Eyes -

by, Jordan Peltz


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