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"It's Black and White"

Part One: "Sacrificing Truth on the Altar of being Politically Correct"

Years of my life have been wasted by drowning in seasons of lost dreams, self-pity, externally caused damages, internally caused damages, of which created chaos and hell in the form of addiction, anger, lost lives, ruined careers, a child out of wedlock and another child losing the safety of having both her parents in her life full time due to divorce and ALL of my own making either directly, or indirectly because I failed to submit to my calling and identity in Christ 20 years prior.

Exactly a year prior I had made a video, posted it to my personal YouTube Account, and forgot all about it. A month after I posted it I was messaged by a friend saying “Hey, long time no talk! Congrats on being famous!” This made no sense to me, until another friend told me they saw me on the news. Needless to say, I had been unknowingly become a viral star and received money, news appearances and what I had thought at the time, my big break.

Unfortunate for me, my kids, fiance, and family, I also received a massive target on my chest from the Neo-Facist Left. Death threats were made to myself and my children. My fiance’ left me, and I lost ALL of my money that I had made during this time. I was shattered. Fast-Forward to four months ago.

I was given a chance at reclaiming a life I thought had been stolen from me to never be realized again. I spent a year in lingering dysphoria. Living a brokenness of which the likes I had never known possible and now this opportunity that I had been living in disquietude over “losing” for the past year had been granted back to me and instead of being excited and grateful, I was scared.

The first day I made the choice to move forward in pursuit of this all but forgotten dream, I told God “If I can just succeed enough to be financially stable and barely get by, I will be forever grateful.” To my incredible amazement God audibly spoke back in reply stating “I WILL restore what was Stolen from you 7 fold.” It was at this almost ethereal moment I gave my entirety to him. My life, business, relationships (present and to come), and most importantly, the very foundation of my heart, to Christ.

Almost immediately I was hit with a barrage of situations that previously would have caused me to lose all hope, fading back into my abysmal dark self-pity hole, all while being angry at God. Yet, all that came was this empyrean thought of “Ok, it’s fine. God has this. It’s God’s it’s already paid for and won.” From there the entirety of my previous “nature” had transformed.

Within a few days I was experiencing blessing and breakthrough that can ONLY be described as miraculous and divine, which those that know me personally, know that I do NOT come to the conclusion of categorizing anything to be the result of “miracles” easily. The understanding of my/our identity in Christ, and subsequently, the birthright we have in the kingdom ,grows exponentially. I have learned more in 4 months than my entire previous 33 years “as a believer who “loved God.”

I never understood the teaching and promise that “Once you truly submit yourself, your ego, your fears and live through the Cross as your bridge to your identity in Christ, the promises and miracles of the Kingdom of Heaven then become your complete Birthright, creating an environment of which the sins of your previous life become unimaginably foreign and you are truly “set free.””

33 years that I had spent living a lifestyle of my own choosing. I would call myself a “Christian” while stating endlessly that I “Loved God,” but my actions in life showed me to be anything BUT an actual believer. Instead, I was a hypocrite. 1 John 2:4, “If anyone says, "I know Him," but does not keep His commandments, he is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” It is this single verse in the entire bible that was completely foreign to me, and is so with a vast majority of “believers.” You cannot live a lifestyle that contradicts or causes you to pick and choose the parts of the living word (bible) and the commandments of Christ Jesus contained within it, and still be saved.

The Bible is to be accepted in it’s entirety or not at all.

Walking this new empyrean life that has been unfolding as a causality of receiving divine understanding, I am seeing my former lifestyle for what it was and that a lifestyle such as I had been living simply and plainly cannot exist here. To live in our birthright from the Kingdom Of Heaven as born again believers who have obtained our identity only through Christ who died on that cross, means to have actually stepped into a love and peace that makes those previous sins unimaginable.

To bring this into a lens that is easier to understand, let’s create an example of which there are 4 different types of sins committed by a substrata of individuals and those sins are as follows:

1. Homosexual Lifestyle

2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Sex outside wedlock

3. Drug Addictions

4. Businessman who is secretly addicted to porn, is consistently cheating on his spouse, but nobody knows it from the outside.

Now, what happens if all of these people approach you and say “I Love God and me being Homosexual or addicted, etc, doesn’t negate that fact at all!” What do you do? How do you respond? How do you deal with this situation? We KNOW that per what Christ has told us in the bible is that the ONLY way to Him and our Salvation is through the Cross Covenant.

This is not condemning or judging anybody. This not a “personal belief or a gray area,” but rather it is the simple Truth that when a person lives the hypocritical, pick-and-choose, lifestyle, it means there is a LACK of relationship with Jesus. It is ONLY through a true and real relationship with Jesus that we gain salvation and as such, those previous sins are cleansed and no longer hold us in the darkness.

Unless you see the reality of what your Identity in Christ truly is and with the simplicity of which the price Jesus paid for that identity, then you will go through life claiming you love God while simultaneously living as the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Titus 1:16 states “They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good.”

The Black and White of it is this: If a person lives in Homosexuality, Addiction, Dishonesty, Sexual Immoralities, etc., which is Against the Truth that is contained within the Word Of God, while proclaiming they “Love God,” they don’t actually KNOW God.

If they truly Know God, and they Truly have a Relationship with Jesus, then they would follow his Word and Commandments in entirety. Not Picking and Choosing what parts they agree with and what they don’t.

Modern Christianity, Modern “Grace” Teaching’s that are wrapped up in Egoism and Self, where people are taught they can do anything they want, live as they want, and “hey, it’s ok. It’s normal. We’re just human.” No, Grace is not a license to sin and it is definitely not a way to sit in this “middle place.” Grace doesn’t say “I was saved by grace and now I can continue living the same way. I’m working it out, it’s all in time, but I’ll get there…. God knows my heart.” No, the Gospel DEMANDS Change and ANY Grace that doesn’t lead to complete transformation through Christ is demonic in nature.

And so in this Modern Christianity, they have created this quick to judge one sin as greater over another sin per their own incorrect belief system’s to aptly justify their own sin’s as “better,” and the Modern Church has began to preach this as doctrine and truth, but Sin is Sin. It’s dark, it’s scary, and it’s terrible.

“Believers” are commonly heard stating - “Well I’ve never sinned real bad. Not like those other sins, anyway.” - That is a very dangerous belief system. It is self-righteousness and if you think you’re going to make it in to heaven by good works, then you are in big trouble. There are NO good works that will be justified by God, because God says that “ALL have SINNED and ALL have Fallen SHORT of the Glory of God.”

Unfortunately, a big portion of the Modern Church is becoming so worried about social status, about viewership and seats filled, and not offending anyone, that they have began categorizing sin’s on different levels of severity as well, further validating the aforementioned egotistical self-righteous believers.

Matthew 23:27 - 28 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

They are hiding the truth from the bible, from the Living Word and in doing so, destroying our RELATIONSHIP with Christ. It’s this word in the bible where Christ shows us that ALL sins are equally as twisted and wrong. It doesn’t matter what it (sin) is. From Homosexuality, to Lying, Stealing, Sexual Immorality, lack of character, and the list goes on, because according to the Bible, they are ALL the same degree of wrong, to Christ. Period.

You CANNOT go through this Christian life and “Incorporate” parts of Jesus into your life at will, all so you can “feel better” about your lifestyle, and have what you want, but then ignore ALL the other parts of Jesus’ words because they don’t fit the rest of your lifestyle. This isn’t burger king, you can’t “have it your way.”

You CANNOT Pick and Choose so you can state to the world you “love God,” but then disregard and hide the other parts that God commanded and think you are then still saved and elevated through the Cross.

It says in 2 Timothy verse 3 that in the end times people will call what is evil, good and what is good, evil and that’s what we’ve slipped into. The Modern Church and it’s Modern believers have turned into this theology that everything is “ok” just to remain socially relevant and politically correct.

It’s Not Ok. These Things Are NOT Ok. Jesus didn’t lower his word, or his standard, to accommodate people who had a hard time with parts of his teachings but agreed with other parts. We, the Modern Church, have lowered our standards on what is right and what is Ok through Christ. WE have sacrificed Truth on the Altar of being Politically Correct.

This is NOT Condemnation nor Judgment. That could not be further from the truth. This is the simple biblical Truth which is The Living Word of God.

By, Jordan Peltz

Founder, Co-Partner of HTR News Media, llc

Syndicated Writer and Media Personality

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