VIDEO: Muslim Men Spitting In The Face Of Innocent Men, Women And Children Hoping To Infect Them!

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Video below: #CoronaCriminals #GermJihad

Tommy Robinson Stops Coronavirus Attack In The UK

A couple were walking down the road when a group of male degenerates targeted them. The male degenerates thought they would “purposefully” cough and spit, directing their “cough” and “spit” towards them. The  couple then challenged these degenerate and disrespectful youth telling them they can’t and shouldn’t do that, certainly not during this coronavirus epidemic.

The gang then became violent, physically attacking the couple. During the struggle the lady was hit in the face, which caused a swelling and blackening of her eye. All this happened because the couple dared to call out a gang of degenerate and disrespectful Islamic youth for “coughing” and “spitting” directly at them in the street during a global pandemic!

Tommy Robinson confronted the terroristic Islamic youth for coughing, spitting, disrespecting and abusing an older woman.

Tommy was met with aggression for daring to challenge the gang. Rather than reflecting on their immoral behaviours and their lack of respect, their immediate reaction was to attack Tommy, verbally abuse him, call him “racist” and threaten him, telling him to “move on” and “get in his car”. All this happened in front of Tommy’s children; they were sat in the car during this altercation.

A woman who witnessed the actions of the degenerate youth joined Tommy and challenged them, shouting “what is wrong with you?”

The skinny Islamic black youth then told Tommy:

“Ill duff you in front of your kid fam.”

The older lady tried to get the youths away from Tommy after they threatened him in front of his kids; she got a punch to the face for her trouble.

A Police officer told Tommy he “overstepped the line” – because he wasn’t protecting himself? Just imagine for a second – a gang threatens to “duff” you in front of your children – that’s an act of aggression, a clear threat to your wellbeing and safety, also a potential danger to your children. The fact that the youth smashed Tommy’s car as a way to intimidate him accounted for nothing either.

Police said that Tommy “went after them”, yes he did, AFTER they assaulted an older lady, AFTER they threatened and attacked him in front of his children, AFTER they smashed up his car.

Tommy won’t stand idly by and watch degenerate, disrespectful youth cough, spit and abuse an older woman, nor will he stand idly by as a “witness” when she is punched in the face.

Any British Lion would stand up to degenerate and disrespectful youth preying on the vulnerable and the elderly, that is what we do.

We will NEVER apologise for that, nor will we stop defending the vulnerable and the elderly.

It has come to light that the aggressive tall black lad in the video is an illegal immigrant from the Gambia – his name is Omar, currently out on bail for knife crime. He was arrested in Luton, found with some firearms while carrying a knife.

His two compatriots are also Muslim, Tommy uncovered a Muslim wannabe gangster crack, drug-dealing gang. The other two with Omar are brothers, Tariq and DJ.

If sources are correct (and we have no reason to believe they are not) then perhaps this dangerous illegal individual needs to be immediately imprisoned and then deported to the African Islamic republic from whence he came. His two compatriots should be thrown in prison, and if they hold a dual nationality passport, the government should revoke their British citizenship then deport them too!

Dangerous illegal criminal alien parasites that invade Britain are as welcome as the coronavirus.

Time to contain, mitigate and expatriate.

Name, shame and share this everywhere with the hashtag #CoronaCriminals and #GermJihad


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