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International Nationalism on the rise - And why that's a GREAT thing.

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Nationalism Not great for Neo-Liberals

Europe has long been a "proving grounds" for the ultra liberal/democratic socialist ideology, but with open borders, importing their enemies by the millions, socialist healthcare, welfare and a push for "social education" over actual fact-based education, it has been a complete and total failure. This lead to a growing population of disenfranchised millions in Europe and North America alone.

Despite being painted as "Nazi, misogynist, bigoted antisemitic racists," the disenfranchised millions are just people who care about personal safety, free speech, religious freedom, individuality, and morals. Having watched a small few ideological radicals receive their platforms to shout them down - free of charge - with all support from the main stream media, politicians, movie stars, singers, teachers and even preachers for the better part of two decades, they longed for a voice to step up for them, fight for them, to WIN for them, and in 2017, they received their answered prayers and wishes.

Beginning of a new era:

Out of what seemed like nowhere to the non-spiritual and the answering of millions upon millions of prayers to the spiritual, a champion was elected President of the United States. A people's champion: Donald J. Trump.

The utter consternation of the corrupt career political leaders, Democrat and Republican alike, was all that the disenfranchised needed to witness in order to realize they may finally be on a path to being heard, as well as, receive a much overdue respite from the minute by minute attacks to their personal beliefs and values.

After all, one can only handle being called a "racist Nazi" from high pitched screeching androgynous sheeple so many times in a day before they want to claw their eyes out while simultaneously jamming a nail in their ears to go deaf.

Trump Effect:

President Donald Trump - a man with convictions and strength capable of uniting a fractured nation, unyielding in his mission to rebuild the strongest nation in the world and most importantly, is not bought or paid for by special interests and the establishments. (kabal)

As President Trump continued to keep his promises in bringing the sole world superpower back from the ashes and to Make America Great Again, the international community was watching.

Next, President Trump set his sites on North Korea, our immediate direct threat, and one that only grew in danger and strength under the previous democratic rule.

Undeterred in this objective, despite the Democrat's, with the European Elite's and Barack Hussein Obama laughing at him while stating "there's NO WAY," succeeded and in doing so proved that the United States was WILLING and ABLE to begin using it's strength again.

The Trump Effect was a proven "theory" with that victory, thus began the rise of international Nationalism. The idea that there is "hope" to stand against the Neo-Liberal Fascism that has plagued each Nation State in the European Union.


As the years rolled by, watching more terrorist attacks, child rape gangs be set free, and their Political Leader's calling for more "Tolerance and Understanding" for the aforementioned crimes, the people of Europe grow angry and resentful, looking for an answer to their anger, they watched the United States begin to change, and the Nation's States in the E.U. that followed that change, were being freed - the left tried to attack the only way they know how, Name it, Call it Racism, and violently attack any person who may disagree with them, but that only acted as a beacon to the disenfranchised millions, and they realized NATIONALISM wasn't bad, but the right ideal for their situations.

The seed of hope planted in people's minds watching America stand up to the E.U. and U.N., alike, began to spread like wildfire. Realizing that the daily attacks they faced both by the ungrateful and violent "Islamic Refugees" welcomed into their Nation with open arms and by the

Orwellian style propaganda T.V./Social Media that called them "Racist, Bigot, Hateful, Fascist's" for daring to be upset at the site of seeing 12 year old girls RAPED by a group of Muslim Men and the 12yo victim is arrested with no charges against the dirty old Islamic men who raped her because: "Tolerance."

As of the writing of this article, France has experienced an outpouring cry for Nationalism to be re-instilled in the fabric of France. The "Yellow Shirt" protest's are about this very ideal. They have watched a Neo-Liberal Demagogue run their national debt, security, sovereignty into the dirt, and can no longer handle it. In Paris, the protesters are chanting "Give us Trump! Give us Trump!" because their Fascist Leadership has been selling them to the ultra-elite liberal's in the European Union.

The outpouring of cries for Nationalism in England have been raising in number and severity. when Tommy Robinson was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted in 5 hours in a single day, given no option to have his lawyer present, because he reported on a massive grooming gang (grooming gang's are Muslim Men who hold, get drunk/high, children ages 8-16 to rape) that was in court for their crimes - the court's and the British Govt. wanted it hidden - and tried to make Tommy Robinson disappear.

Today, the calls for Nationalism against the increasingly Neo-Liberal Parliament and leadership in the U.K., were shown in the streets as they protested

#brexitmeansexit - Protest

simply to KEEP their vote's for #BREXIT. The Fascist Left are currently doing everything they can to disregard the nation's vote to leave the European Union, and rather stay so they can continue with their liberal agenda, unabated.

Bottom Line:

Should you not have a handle yet on the TRUTH about #Nationalism - We may not be able to help you figure it out any more - And you are probably part of the issues on our planet.

There is a war that is happening right now. This isn't a war between Nation's, or even physically fought, (not yet, the Neo-Liberal's are trying for that though) it is between Right and wrong. Between Good and Bad. Between Truth and Deception. When you see a headline from the #MSM, it is beyond important to immediately head to a non-socialist-democratic owned search engine, like www.duckduckgo.com and find the truth behind it.

We here in the United States of America have been blessed by the election of President Trump, putting a serious end to the evil power's in our Nation. The rest of the world is not this fortunate, and they are needing US to stand up - lock arms - and fight for their freedom as well.

Written by, Jordan Peltz and Emily Hirschich


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