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HILARIOUS! Tucker Carlson Delivers The BEST Monologue Regarding Pelosi, Schiff and Impeachment.

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Tucker Carlson said Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's continued support for impeaching President Trump has been a political disaster for her party, to the point Pelosi has turned to "cliches" to make her case.

Carlson referenced Pelosi's comments, in which she invoked Founding Fathers James Madison, Gouverneur Morris and Benjamin Franklin. The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host said that the House Speaker implied that the fourth president of the United States had put his "personal seal of approval" on the Democrats' impeachment process.

"For a brief moment, the founders of our country are useful to the left, so they are being presented as heroes," Carlson remarked, noting that in the past, Democratic-leaning groups and Democratic politicians have rallied in support of removing statuary and other representations of figures like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

"Enjoy it while it lasts," said Carlson, who added that Pelosi's historical references were complemented by a "dense cluster of familiar phrases."


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