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Hard Truth: Conservatives, We Are Failing Our Nation And World. It's Time To Wake Up.

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Being the founder and co-owner of HTR Media, llc., as well as, a content creator and XM Radio host, I am given a unique ability to see via SEO and AdSense tools designed for marketing and to help target viewership data trends i.e., who is viewing what, when they're viewing it, all the demographics of who views it etc etc. These are a great set of tools to optimize content creation to better achieve the greatest reach. Transversely, it is also a wealth of information that can be extremely disheartening as it reveals just how complacent and non-motivated people are.

Republicans, Conservatives and Centrists are often heard bragging about being the non "Sheeple," and are actually the "intelligent, the hardest working, who is willing to really investigate issues and use critical thinking outside the Main Stream Media propaganda." Unfortunately, this is a half-truth.

The "half-truth" is that the aforementioned group of people are able to see through the bullshit being regurgitated from the Democrat Party via their Main Stream Media Propaganda Machines like CNN, MSNBC and the other legacy alphabet sources. And yes, they still hold morality, freedom and truth close to their hearts, but that is no longer sufficient to have a dog in the fight of today's geopolitical discourse.

The Neo-Left activists make up only 8% of the population, yet have the loudest voice which affords them to be the ones controlling the direction of the United States. They have hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from George Soros, the DNC, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and they have the entire Media Cartel on their side.

All of that combined with the added bonus of being passionate and physically present, equals out to a serious adversary to the Republicans, Conservatives and Centrists.

All of this paints a very disturbing future and should anyone believe the United States, and the world as a whole, are not undergoing an ideological civil war, they are either willfully ignorant or have a very low I.Q.

Every single day some new outrage mob fights and succeeds to silence yet another conservative or a conservative business. They attack and chip away at the very fabric of the United States, victimizing anyone they deem to be a "threat."

Guess what? WE ARE TO BLAME.

Which brings us back to the first paragraph here. I watch as our community can't be bothered to read an article let alone actually lift themselves up from their comfortable armchairs to be physically present in the fight. Something the Democrat Globalist Elite have no issues with when needing their base to act - and that is why they're winning.

Here is the harsh and disheartening reality of what I'm talking about:

  • 76% of Conservative/Patriotic viewers (about 100-150k) absolutely will not click on posts to view or read. Instead, they see the headline and then re-share.

  • If an article has an estimated "read time" of 4 minutes or more, it will be disregarded. Normal post viewer retention times fluctuate between 30 seconds and 55 seconds before leaving.

  • Only 31% of Conservative/Patriotic viewers will follow a post, article, video or update that requires physical actions like calling a politician, vote or help in any way beyond re-sharing.

  • Only 8% of Conservative/Patriotic viewers are willing to give support/help via purchasing apparel, merch or donation to their favorite Conservative Media groups or personalities that are in danger of being silenced by the Democrat Neo-Leftist's.

The days of sitting idly by, re-sharing a post or video, commenting how stupid and dumb the left is, or even making statements of "We Need To Fight," but then never acting on those fervent cries for patriotism, are over.

We Are Losing! Not because they're stronger, or smarter, or have the entire Globalist Elite on their sides. No. We are losing because WE are failing at taking action. We are failing in supporting those few brave souls that have stepped up and stepped out to educate and motivate.

I, and every conservative independent media/personality like me, face the most grotesque attacks, threats to not only us, but our children and family. We face daily fear that the next day may be our last and the Globalist Elite's won and the platforms we've spent countless hundreds of thousands of hours building and endured all of this for, would be wiped off the face of the Earth.

If you aren't one to go and physically help in the fight here is a short list of things you could do to help and support those of us who are, as well as, fight for our National Sovereignty.

  1. Educate yourself and actually READ/VIEW the articles or posts coming from Conservative Media like our own here at HTR Media. We need to ALL be as educated and motivated as possible.

  2. Buy the Apparel and Merch. we all are offering. Most businesses like ours have NO other source of income, but what we sell. The Democrat Globalist's have made sure Conservatives cannot make money for their platforms that should be gaining million's each fiscal year.

  3. Buy Apparel / Merch ONLY from Authorized and Verified Conservative outlets. We recently ran a story discussing the evil tactic the Democrats are using to steal designs from Conservatives then setup fake "conservative" stores so that they can turn around and use Conservatives own money to fund ANTIFA, DNC etc.

The time to act is now.


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