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WATCH: Rep. Gaetz Exposes Hunter Biden's Dark History of Corruption.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz cut through the nonsense at the impeachment hearing today and exposed the a central issue to the case: Hunter Biden’s corruption with Burisma in Ukraine.

The story of the Bidens, father and son, is more pathetic than nefarious. However, the less privileged Americans can’t be faulted if they wonder why their addicted loved ones are on the streets or in the morgue while the vice president’s son is blessed with diamonds and sinecures.

The "War On Drugs" whose co-creator was in-fact, Joe Biden, has forced multitudes of people locked up in jail for years with the crime bill that created "Mandatory Sentencing." And yet, Joe Biden's son traveled the world scot-free.

And for the rare addicts that fought for sobriety and won, they have to watch a system that's chewed them up and spit them out while the ex-vice president’s addicted son collects $60,000 PER MONTH for simply being on a board at Burisma in Ukraine, while they make less than that same sum in an entire year.



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