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Liberal Insanity pt.3: Family Values and Morality is RACIST, According to Santa Clara University.

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- Liberal Insanity - Attack on Education part. 3 of 5

Yesterday, in part 2 of our 5 part series, we introduced you to a "Lesson Plan" being taught to students at Santa Clara University that claimed Family Values were Racist and Anti Feminist.

The worrisome fact behind this lesson plan is that it's not a single, isolated lesson plan, but the norm for "educating" students in western universities.

The author, Twila Perry, is now a professor at Rutgers University - No surprise to us as we revealed a different professor from Rutgers University who claims that TIME IS RACIST in Part 1 of this series - and before that she was an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York.

Professor Perry writes in the area of family law with a particular interest in the intersection of critical race theory and feminist legal theory. She has published articles on numerous subjects, including transracial and international adoption, the legal obligations of marriage, the Black family and family law, no-fault divorce, and alimony.

I'm not sure what is more disconcerting here: The fact that she has been in charge of legislating law and policy for the American Public or that she is able to teach future lawyers, educators and politicians with her incredibly evil and skewed ideologies.

Part 5 of her lesson is titled "The Fallacies in Family Values."

I can feel the racist autism dripping already. Let us dive in.

"In part, the family values rhetoric represents feelings of frustration about the many problems that exist in this society."

To the Neo-Liberal the very term "Family Values" is negative rhetoric. For ALL of human history these same "Family Values" they coin as racist have been what separated us from the animal kingdom and built the very world we have today.

"It reflects a conclusion that these problems can only be solved through acts of individual will: if you change the way people think, you will change the way they act, and thereby change society. But focusing on private values as a solution to public concerns is extremely problematic."

Every historical educator, poet, psychologist or leader would contradict the twisted viewpoint that people can't change society or the world around them by looking inward, by working to better ones self and live through morals and convictions.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

The basic ground rule for the Neo-Liberal ideology is this: Be a Victim. Blame everyone else. Take NO ownership for your actions and NEVER allow introspection.

The reason? Because people who begin to question their world and question the "Group Think Fascistic Ideologies " being force fed to them by their professors, democrat leaders and propaganda machines will inevitably see the dark, evil truth and join the rest of the people currently part of the #WalkAway and #Blexit movements.

"Also often overlooked in the family values rhetoric is the obvious fact that the traditional family can also be a site in which negative values can be transmitted. In the current rush to enshrine the nuclear family, it can be forgotten that traditional nuclear families have also been the place where children have seen, learned about, and been the victims of behavior such as domestic violence, sexual abuse and incest. One would think from the focus in the rhetoric and the media on crack addicted single mothers that alcoholism and drug abuse simply do not occur in traditional families. "

This is a straw man argument. Of course there is always negatives and bad examples in every aspect of life. That said, the hard, time tested and proven data speaks the very opposite of what the Neo-Liberal's are stating here. In fact, children living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 percent more physically healthy than children from broken homes (Dawson).

Research also shows that family structure is related to preschool children’s cognitive development skills. For example, a study by Kinard and Reinherz found that children from two parent homes had higher scores on verbal reasoning than those from single parent homes.
A study by Ginther and Pollack found that children growing up in intact families (traditional nuclear families) were more likely to graduate from high school and complete college compared to those who were raised in blended or single-parent homes.

"Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the assumption that the solution to the problems confronting society today are to be found in the private rather than the public realm is not only unrealistic, it is dangerous."

Dangerous? Again, a perfect example of the Orwellian 1984, Communist agenda bleeding through to our education systems and ultimately, our children. The notion that the "public or society" is far superior and is supposed to take place of the Family or the Individual. This is the only DANGEROUS statement here.

"An approach that focuses on the family rather than the society as the source of responsibility to address social issues can also have the effect of sanctioning or even promoting racism by encouraging people to feel little compassion or commitment toward those who can be easily regarded as "the other.""

Only someone who is without their own morals, convictions and self-discipline would have this viewpoint. Every great and FREE SOCIETY in the history of this planet was founded off Judeo-Christian values which comprised the importance of Family, Morality, Honesty, Hard Work and Conviction.

That said, we begin to understand and see why the Democrat Party and their Neo-Liberal Education System are ardently working to brainwash entire generations of American's and destroy these values: A Global-Communist Utopia cannot be realized without the fall of free societies.

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