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Liberal Insanity pt.2: Family Values and Morality is RACIST, According to Santa Clara University.

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Pt. 2 of 5

Yes, you read that headline correct. No, this is made up or a joke. Last week we released an article titled Rutgers Professor: Time Is the White Man’s Weapon to Oppress Blacks. Time, Science, Facts ALL Racist and just when we thought we'd hit the lowest of the low IQ barrel, we find this insanity from yet another major university.

The lesson is titled:

Race, feminism, and public policy

by, Twila L. Perry

Not often does the very first paragraph in a Social Justice brainwashing lesson yield so much to critique and dismantle. They normally wait a few paragraphs in the hollow hopes of being able to justify - and sell - the vile ideology contained inside. Not the case here.

Also, as you follow along this 5pt. series take mental notes on the subtle, but very important fact that the Neo-Left refuses to include any type of statistical facts, studies, or relevant material to help bolster their argument. It's all based off "feelings."

"In recent years, the term "family values" has become a rallying cry against the increase in nontraditional families in this country. Much of the recent public discourse about women who bear children outside of marriage seems to reflect an underlying assumption that appropriate values are something these women simply do not have. An alleged decline in values, often represented in the media by families headed by single mothers, and especially black single mothers, has been blamed for a myriad of social problems, including unemployment, poor health, school drop-out rates and an increase in juvenile crime."

Yes, it is a "rallying cry against the increase in nontraditional families." Nothing shows the glaring "evil" of the Neo-Left like this statement by Ms. Perry. They view the very ideology of Morality, Honesty, Truth and Having a FAMILY support structure as something that is actually "Negative and Racist."

Often lost in the discussion of marital decline is a simple fact. Marriage is good for children. In fact, countless studies have shown that children born to married parents enjoy a number of socioeconomic benefits over those born to single parents. Study Reveals Correlation Between Gender Roles and Divorce -Read More Today

"Since the blame for these problems has been placed on "the breakdown of the traditional family," it is not surprising that many people have concluded that the logical solution to the problem is the reunification of the traditional family structure. It is assumed that this will return the country to an earlier era, the "good old days," in which values were presumably different and better."

This isn't an "assumption." The data is hard and very lengthy on this (Thousands of years of "lengthy"). Families that hold TRADITIONAL roles and structure greatly reduce poverty, crime and violence. The fact the Democrat Party is so eager to dismiss the science here is beyond ghastly and begs to question "Why would they be so against morals and family?"

Children growing up in homes where two parents who have been married continuously are less likely to experience a wide range of problems (academic, social, emotional, cognitive), not only in childhood but later on in adulthood as well (Amato; Howard & Reeves,).

"Consistent with such thinking, recent years have seen an increase in governmental programs and policy proposals at both the local and national levels aimed at bolstering the traditional family structure, or otherwise encouraging what are presumed to be "family values.""

Again, these people actually think that Traditional Family Structure and "Family Values" are a bad thing? We need to ask ourselves how twisted of a mind and moral compass one must have to think the very basic of human knowledge and truths are in fact, Racist and Wrong.

We have just touched on this "Lesson Plan," and have quite a bit of interesting evidence backed facts, as well as, commentary to come. Don't miss Pt. 3 tomorrow! Until then, here is a short list of FACTS to ponder regarding Family Values and Traditional Morality:

1. Family intactness has also been shown to have a consistently positive influence on earnings for prime-age males and is one of the most important factors (or shared the place of greatest importance) for females and children in determining an area’s dependence on welfare programs that targets poverty.

2. Research also shows that family intactness has a beneficial influence on reducing out of wedlock births, increasing high school and college graduation rates, and even has long-term benefits such as higher employment rates.

3. Children living with married parents are more often involved in community activities such as soccer or other sports, take part in academic pursuits in local schools and other academic institutions that can lead to college, and eventually, a career.

4. Family intactness increases high school and college graduation rates, as well as high employment rates

5. Overall, intact families tend to be more stable; parents tend to be more involved in their children’s lives and are more highly invested in their children’s success.

6. Fathers of intact families spend, on average, more time with their children. They also enjoy greater family cohesion than peers with adopted children or stepchildren (Lansford, et al.). In summary, children living with both biological parents in a low-conflict marriage tend to do better on a host of outcomes than those living in step-parent families.

7. Children living with both biological parents are 20 to 35 percent more physically healthy than children from broken homes (Dawson).

8. Research shows that family structure is related to preschool children’s cognitive development skills. For example, a study by Kinard and Reinherz found that children from two parent homes had higher scores on verbal reasoning than those from single parent homes.

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By, Jordan Peltz and Emily Chance

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