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Black Friday: Facebook Censors Conservative Businesses By "Losing" Approval Paperwork To Advertise.

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Facebook Business has begun an insidious campaign of discrimination against Conservative Small Businesses; And on the biggest Sales and Shopping weekend of the year.

It is nothing new for conservative business owners to face unfair censorship, after all, over the last 4 years they have been subject to an onslaught of lies from #Facebook #Youtube #Twitter about ever changing "rules" of which are never announced nor presented or receive mistaken "Copyright strikes" which eliminate the business Organic Reach, but this time Facebook has taken it too far..

Our clothing line - www.MAGA-Merch.com - suffered a critical strike when trying to pay Facebook to run advertising for the Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday sales period.

We have verified that Facebook is breaking multiple anti-discrimination laws in their bid to silence us.

The Censorship Tactic:

As a "Political" company HTR Media, dllc., along with our other networked companies that included MAGA-Merch.com, Facebook requires that we "Validate our ID and National Origin." This was one of the aforementioned rules created by Facebook of which they never discussed with any Conservative Company to warn us of the changes. We simply were all hit with "violations" and had to scramble to fix them without any direction from Facebook.

We completed this process quite some time ago and have successfully ran advertising through our Business Account via Facebook. The screenshot pictured here are the receipts of our successful payments for Advertising.

According to Facebook, we weren't allowed to advertise clothing because this step had "never been done before." Which is a total lie.

Which is why it came as a massive shock to realize the 3 weeks of production spent on creating effective advertising for the Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale weekend was a complete waste of time and money.


We paid for and submitted our advertising campaigns and within an hour Facebook notified us our "Ad Campaigns were not allowed until we submit our ID Confirmation process. (Pictured 1.1)

Once we began the process to fix this issue we began realizing Facebook was playing an even more dirty game. For some reason, their "Choose your Nation" menu had no sign of "United States" (pictured 1.2)


This is not a new tactic being used by Facebook, but it should be stopped! What would happen if Facebook knowingly censored and lied to a Democrat Apparel company, or an LGBTQ Company. It would be front page news for weeks and yet Conservatives, Jews and Christians are faced with ever changing rules, tactics, blacklisting and financial theft without so much as a chance to fight back.


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