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WATCH: Men, Especially White Men Are Committing Suicide At Epidemic Levels. Here's Why.

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Preface: This topic is one that is near and dear to my heart. Not just because I am a man, but because I have experienced first hand the Feminist Democrats "Equality of the Sexes" and the actual Hell that befalls men who stand up and fight back.

I understand the reason behind the alarming rise in Male Suicides better than most. Society has spent the last 30-40 years degrading men. We have been slurred and portrayed as dumb, ignorant baboons in the media. We're told to "shut up and sit down," that the role of a father isn't integral and, in fact, can be performed just as well by a woman. And most recently we are being broken and told that our divinely designed Masculinity is "Toxic."

"In order to understand how a man receives a wound, you must understand the central truth of a boy’s journey to manhood: Masculinity is bestowed. A boy learns who he is and what he’s got from a man, or the company of men. He cannot learn it any other place. He cannot learn it from other boys, and he cannot learn it from the world of women.” - "Wild At Heart," John Eldredge

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Men die by suicide 3.53x more often than women. White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2016. These statistics remain the same across the "westernized" areas such as the UK, Europe, Australia and Russia. The question that needs to be asked, and ultimately answered, is why has there been this exponential increase that is killing generations of males?

The reason the question ISN'T being raised in alarm like most other epidemic level catastrophe's would be is because the answer holds a stark truth about how evil the modern era Feminism and Globalist Left agenda truly is.

That is, until now.

In April 2016, the CDC released data showing that the suicide rate in the United States had hit a 30-year high, and later in June 2018, released further data showing that the rate has continued to increase and has increased in every U.S. state except Nevada since 1999.

Drug overdoses and alcoholism, what researchers refer to as "deaths of despair," are largely responsible for the consecutive three year exponential growth of suicide by males with the other tactics of hanging, poisoning, using a firearm trailing close behind.

Deaths of Despair.

The term "Deaths of Despair" is very interesting to this topic because anyone willing to take a semi honest, non partisan view of the statistics and research available into the rise of male suicide, would see that Deaths of Despair is the answer.

And yet, the "experts" knowingly receive the data from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and interpret it through the modern lens of "Toxic Masculinity and White Privilege" which subsequently results in a very dangerous white wash of such grave information.

Anyone with an I.Q. above double digits is able to see that ALL data of which disproves the Neo-Leftist Agenda or threatens the current propaganda that is being forced into our school age children's brains MUST BE, AND IS KNOWINGLY, HIDDEN AND DENIED AT ALL COST, which creates even more disenfranchised and broken men to become another suicide statistic.

The TRUTH behind Male Suicide and Degradation.

Some other highly worrisome, and equally dangerous data reports that the legacy alphabet media outlets like Buzzfeed, CNN, Slate, NBC etc. fail to report on, is the exponential decrease in men going to college (or graduating from college), dating, getting married, wanting children or seeking out higher paid white collar jobs due to the fear of working in close proximity to women.

As ridiculous as that last one may appear it's none the less true.

Men are absolutely terrified about working a career of their dreams, being successful and comfortable only to have ANY WOMAN make an accusation unfounded or not, about the man and he is fired, disgraced by family and friends and ultimately loses any semblance of his former life.

It has happened on a daily basis to men and students across the nation. We watch as there is a daily stream of false accusations smeared across the news like the Judge Kavanaugh sham, the infamous "Mattress Girl," or Jemma Beale, the British woman dubbed an "attention-seeking" liar for falsely accusing 15 men of rape and sexual assault during four separate encounters that resulted in 9 of those men serving prison time until she was finally caught and then she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Men have been told that they are not safe. That their careers, marriages, families and freedoms are not safe. When the Democrat Party and Globalist Elites scream and shout "Believe All Women! Believe Survivors! No Due Process!" these fears are justified by innumerable precedents.

It's no great mystery as to why men are being pushed towards "Suicide Deaths of Despair." Men have been villainized and demoralized far too long and we are just barely seeing the results of it.

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