WATCH: Elderly Trump Supporter Violently Tackled For Holding Trump Sign Silently At Sanders Rally.

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Markus Gohring, a Donald Trump supporter, was tackled by security at a Bernie Sanders rally after peacefully protesting with others. What did this obvious risk to the safety of the Bernie Supporters actually do? Well, he made the mistake of standing in silence holding a Pro-Trump banner.

Mr. Gohring was almost immediately approached by the off duty police officers working security for the Sanders Rally. They did their best impression of what the nation would look like under a Socialist Dictator such as Sanders by physically attacking the imminent danger of an old man holding a sign of the opposing party.

He and his lawyer, Tim Anderson, spoke exclusively with Campus Reform about the events leading up to the incident and what's happening now:

Virginia Wesleyan University responded Wednesday after a video circulating on social media showed a campus security officer tackling a Trump-supporting protester to the ground during a campus rally for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernard Sanders.

Trump supporter Markus Gohring told a local NBC affiliate that he and his friends showed up at the rally at the private Virginia Beach campus on Saturday night to exercise their First Amendment rights. He said he waved a “2020 Trump” outside of the event for about an hour before he was approached by a security officer.

“I’m not an aggressive person,” Mr. Gohring said.



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