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Donald Trump: From Death, Destruction & Terrorism To Peace, Prosperity & Patriotism

It was only two short years ago that #DonaldTrump won the 2016 Presidential Election to become the 45th President of these Great United States. Think about that, Patriots. Two short years ago, we were staring Death, Destruction and Terrorism right in the face - #HillaryClinton, the #DemocraticParty and the #DeepState are the faces of Death. Little did hardly anyone know how close we truly were to the complete destruction of our Great Country. Enter #PresidentTrump! Now, instead of Death, Destruction and Terrorism, we are experiencing, for the first time in many decades, Peace, Prosperity and Patriotism! Strap yourselves in, Patriots, we're only two years into 8 beautiful, wonderfully fulfilling and glorious years!

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