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DNC's Daring New 2020 Strategy: Be First To Elect 10yo Black Child, Man With Down Syndrome As POTUS.

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The disastrous 2016 Presidential election saw Hillary Clinton run on the identity politics platform with the singular campaign strategy of "the first woman elected as President" using the now infamous catch phrase:

"It's time the U.S.A. elect a woman President even if she has accomplished nothing in 40 years in politics, stole $500million from Haiti's Earthquake Relief Fund and caused the needless death's of U.S. citizens and soldiers. America needs a WOMAN PRESIDENT YOU BIGOT!"

One of the most notable interviews with then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on CNN, she quickly reminded us that instead of focusing on the real issues that are of the utmost importance in modern societies like Gender, Sexual Preference, Minority Supremacy, Open Borders, the actual Nazi's in the Republican Party only cared about a candidate's merit and if the candidate would actually help the people of the U.S.A.

That said, it's no wonder the DNC is taking no chances for the 2020 Presidential race by being the first to elect a 10yo child of color as President.

And, if that doesn't give you vegan tingles, the DNC is doubling their chances for this election cycle by endorsing Bobby Dawkins to be the first Down Syndrome Vice President of the United States!

Wow! The Racist Nazi Republican's have NO CHANCE!

DNC Spokesperson Moonbeam Marx-Castro (a.k.a. Jennifer Pearson) released a statement earlier today on twitter:

Obviously this is satire, but the point rings true:

Hiring, Choosing or Electing someone because they tick all the proverbial "marginalized victim politically correct" boxes over a candidate or employee who has more experience and would be a better fit simply because they're White or a Man or a Republican.

Think about it. Analyze the constant bullsh!t being force fed to you and most importantly, THINK FOR YOURSELF.


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