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Dictator Ocasio-Cortez Warns Democrats "Voting Against Her" She'll "Put Them On List" to be Removed.

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We warned earlier that the smiling, almost ditsy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be an uncontrollable force that the Democrat Party wishes they never unleashed and that if a person watched carefully the aforementioned "giddy and cute democratic socialist" would show the true colors of Socialism as soon as she was met with opposition.

It wasn't long before that fortuitous article unfolded before our eyes with her introducing the horrifying "Green New Deal." Anyone with an IQ above 50 was capable of seeing that it economically, let alone politically, was not viable. The only way to produce the numbers and cutbacks she outlined would be to cease total control to a totalitarian, or some would say, fascistic Government that would then force the deal on ALL American's, and thus the world.

As such, Miss Socialist was met with the expected opposition from all sides, as is the way of the American Government (and for good reason), but that didn't sit right with her and we saw the Iron Fist of Socialism and AOC's true nature, when she made this tweet:

It would seem that Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez has shown that "She's in Charge" and the rest of us are just sitting in the "Cheap Seats" which is a derogatory term used for "common people, small minded, uneducated" by pompous, elitist class individuals.

You have to understand the truth about what played out right here. Unlike a normal Democratically Elected official in our Republic of these United States, Miss Cortez fancies her and her socialist party to be better and smarter than those who elected her.

American's elect public officials to be working FOR that public. They are a Public Servant. Not "Their Bosses." Yet, she and the socialist movement don't see the world or america this way. And that should be concerning for ALL Americans.

Which brings us to the topic of this article and what is now the #1 largest concern for ALL of America, not just the Republicans but the Democrats alike: The Socialist Party has just threatened the very fabric of what makes America the Greatest Nation on the Planet - Being Bi-Partisan and Having Checks and Balances.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just fired a warning shot over the bow of her own party. In true fascist form, she warned them that if they "break ranks, vote outside what the "party" deems good" they will be taken down. Taken out. Huh, doesn't sound so "Democratic" anymore does it?

The entire point of having a democratically elected Congress, Senate, President, Judges, and so on, is that they are voted in by the people of their own districts or parties to help the American people and rule, bipartisan if needed, to further our nation in it's design and greatness.

That disappeared the minute a Socialist has been elected. (And to think Bernie Sanders want's to be President? Scary) We have watched this little known district cost her entire state upwards of $90,000,000,000+ in tax revenue and 27k jobs with an average salary of $150,000.00 per year. She then introduced a "Green New Deal" that cost's more than the ENTIRE PLANETS YEARLY GDP$$ and can only be enacted through fascism (you know, those pesky farmers and "cheap seat" citizens who don't want to spend $650,000 a year to support the Green New Deal.

Which then leads us to Socialism playing out it's most basic form (Venezuela, Columbia, USSR Anyone?) of totalitarianism dictatorship when it's met with opposition when Miss Cortez made the glib statement of being the boss over her constituents and I'd say the country.

This was only further exemplified when the Socialist warned her OWN party of being taken out should they EVER dare to vote in favor of bi-partisan bills again.

This should scare ALL of America, but it should scare the Democrat Party base just as much. Is having your basic rights and choices taken away truly what you want? Is what has been laid out above truly the America you see for your children?

Source: Twitter / AOC on Twitter / HTR Media research


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