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Democrat Authoritarianism - CO Secretary Of State "Forbids" Travel To Alabama After Abortion Ban.

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Employees of the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office won’t be traveling to Alabama anytime soon. In an authoritarian gesture that fit's perfectly with the current state of the Neo-Leftist Democrat Party, Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced new restrictions Thursday forbidding her staff from traveling to the state that just adopted the most stringent anti-abortion law in the nation.

The ban is on work-related travel for employees of the Secretary of State’s Office. Griswold also called on the Election Center, a nonprofit training center for election officials, to relocate their training out of Alabama.

“Until the laws of Alabama allow for safe and legal access to health care for women, we call on the Election Center to move the location of its training from Alabama,” Griswold said in a statement. “I will not authorize the spending of state resources on travel to Alabama for this training or any other purpose. This is one action that I can take in response to this egregious law against women.”

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey on Wednesday signed the most stringent abortion legislation in the nation, but is being highly overplayed by the Democrat Party and their Liberal Media Propaganda Machines like CNN.

A spokeswoman for anti-right, anti-gun Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he is not considering following Griswold’s lead but denounced the new law.

“Alabama’s rolling back of a woman’s right to choose is an existential threat to our personal freedom,” Polis’ office said. “The governor will always defend a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.”

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, signed the nation’s strictest pro-life bill into law on Wednesday, outlawing abortion, save in cases where the life of the mother is at risk. The week before, Georgia passed so-called “heartbeat” legislation, which bans abortion after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected (around six-weeks gestation). The GA law came in the face of Hollywood players, such as actress Alyssa Milano, threatening a boycott of the state; Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, chose the unborn over dollars from Hollywood.

source: DailyWire.com / Denver Post / HTR Media Staff.


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