Democrat Candidate Slanders Conservatives, So This Conservative Wants To Debate: LIVE

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UPDATE: Democrat Hopeful John Foley has 'agreed' to debating Mr. Peltz. - info located below article:

John Foley, a Democrat Congressional Hopeful from Colorado's District 14 has caught the attention of a little known conservative media personality named Jordan Peltz, after he (Foley) started a slanderous and dangerous attack on a stranger in a recent post on the candidates Facebook page which can be found here

Mr. Peltz immediately began his crusade in a bid to stand up for the citizens of this nation with a post to his own personal facebook page:

"Could you imagine if someone blindly labeled you as a Pedophile or Rapist or how about closer to home: A thief who stole millions and got caught by the SEC?!

How DARE you post a man's image, no backstory or context, and then label him as “The Face of Hate and Extremism” in our state. Don’t you think that may be a bit slanderous or even possibly fall under the inciting violence against a person.

Let’s not forget that as of today, June 19th 2020, we have thousands of people being hunted down in the streets, beaten with bricks, 2x4s, shot and assaulted for simply being “Conservative or Trump Supporters.”

As a candidate for a congressional seat you would think it prudent to NOT be divisive or incendiary with your words at this moment. Unless you truly are the “face of hate and extremism” you’re claiming him and those like him, to be. Which seems much more plausible. I truly do hope you will accept my offer to hold a live debate or town hall between you and me. I think it would be productive."

Mr. Peltz is no stranger to controversy or the cost of enduring the strain and stress of being a conservative with a voice. After being Doxxed and harassed by ANTIFA and the DNC in 2017, he witnessed a relationship dissolve, his career as a Govt. Contractor be jeapordized due to constant false reports to the police, FBI and even voicemails left on his superior's phone threatening violence, and yet, his resolve only strengthened.

He commonly touts his pleasure at having a number of Snopes articles written directly about him and even a few more written about him and Alex Jones from during their massive exposure of the Nov. 5 2017 ANTIFA Full Page Ad Attacks. (found here: OAN --and Pictured Below)

One interesting item of note here is the fact that Mr. Peltz has sent emails, video messages and DM's to every news and social media group asking for help in making this debate happen.

Below is the formal request by Mr. Peltz to debate or hold a virtual town hall that is live to the world. It is time we stand up. We fight back. Help make this debate come to fruition and share the heck out of this article.

UPDATE: via Our Facebook Page.


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