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WATCH: The Deep State Is Eliminating Witnesses 2 DAYS AFTER AG Barr, Republican's Announce

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BREAKING - London, UK: Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, a Freedom of Information/Watch Dog group that helped expose the Hillary Clinton Email, Obama Spying on Trump, Uranium One, and fake Russia Dossier, has been arrested a mere 2 days after the United States Attorney General William Barr and Sen. Lindsey Graham announced the open investigation into the aforementioned.

One thing the citizen's of the United States have learned during the course of 4 very tumultuous and ludicrous years is that there is an actual and legitimate war happening between a Global World Power that has been hell bent on creating the downfall of the United States while profiting greatly and Patriots whom wont allow it to happen.

When we see an action of this magnitude played 48 hours after the much anticipated, and needed, investigation into the horrific tactics the Democrat National Committee, the Clinton Crime Family, Former President Barack Hussein Obama and their use of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency as a personal gestapo SS weapon, it raises far too many red flags, while striking yet another blow to the moral of us all making us think we will never see the justice we are ALL demanding.

That said, from an Art of War standpoint there is a quite a bit to be gleaned here.

When the cabal (Deep State, Globalists, One World Proponents ) is making such brash and obvious moves in a bid to remove items they see as a threat it reveals they are not only on the defensive, but are being pressured by the weight of their crimes being slowly figured out.

If you haven't watched this video yet, I highly suggest you do. It will catch you up and educate you on ALL the fine details of what is happening here in this War:

Written: Emily DeLong | Video: Jordan Peltz, "Wake Up" XM Radio


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