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Dear Liberal's and Neo-Democrat's: An Open Letter For Understanding (Kind Of)

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Dear Liberal’s and Neo-Democrat’s,

Is your hatred for your fellow American’s and your own President so strong that you would rather destroy the very nation and freedom’s you cling to like rabid stuck up children over the last cupcake during a class birthday party?

Is your hatred so deep that you are willing to become the very ideological monster that you screech about during your open mic-nights at your local college cafe’ hipster spot while all your homogeneous ideologues snap gleefully with the same hypocritical hatred?

Let me ask you, on the level, most liberal identifying individuals also believe in “Karma” and the “what you dwell on you create” type of new age spiritualism, yet has it not occurred to you that every time you scream hatred at someone who wears a baseball cap you don’t like, or dares to speak their mind about something different than you, you are in fact spewing out karmic hatred and also “creating that which you don’t want?” Or is that too far beyond your thought process?

Does it not seem strange that your side, the side of “freedom of choice, freedom of though, individualism, and “love” has actually become the exact opposite of this? Look no further than the incredibly vicious attacks on a 16 year old highschool student simply for being white and wearing a cap.

Your side was so willing to hang him, threaten him, and his school, that they never even stopped to ask for the whole story. That seems very Karmically horrible to me, but then again, I still view the world through the lens of “Wait for the facts, truth and education behind all actions.” Obviously, that’s where we differ.

I personally don't subscribe to the Karma - New Age Religious movement, and that is probably why I, and those like me, have been able to stay level-headed and willing to continue our search for truth in ALL thing's political and not, but I would imagine those of you that are willing to become sheeple, disregarding your own "Karmic Justice and Individualism" to go and lap up every single disgusting, false headline regurgitated via the Main Stream Media in command from their Democrat Overlords, have some serious bad karma coming.

Something to think about....

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