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Liberal Insanity pt.4: 'Conservatives Don't Deserve To Be Safe On Campus' Professors, Newspaper Say.

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Attack on Education

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As we continue down our 5 part series discussing and revealing the now normal ideologically extremist environment that permeates from the course lesson plans and the evil that exudes from the staff and administrators in our Colleges across the United States, we take a look at a couple College Newspaper Articles that not only applaud the vilification and mistreatment of conservative students, but justify possible physical violence to silence and remove them.

This article published on Feb. 6, 2019 is from a newspaper at Washington University in St. Louis and is written by a staff member, not student.

"It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome"

As we emerge from another bad State of the Union address from an even worse president, it seems appropriate to reflect on the young members of the ideological movement that created him. Across the country at schools like ours, college right-wingers say they face social isolation because of their beliefs.

Some conservatives at Washington University feel this way. An article in the WU: In Focus issue from late last semester—which I just read last week, so maybe take that into account when you’re evaluating my credibility—profiled several conservative students who’ve experienced negative social ramifications for their politics. They feel their beliefs aren’t welcome on our campus. And I’d just like to say: That’s fine."

Imagine, if you will, a Conservative Staff member of a prominent College newspaper made this statement about a Liberal, Mexican, Black or any of the LGBTQ72LMNOP+ students. How fast do you believe that Conservative Staff member would be fired and then have their name, address, kid's names and school address and class schedules plastered on every neo-leftist media rag like CNN? The glaring hypocrisy here is just one more factual example of just how disconnected from reality these little fascist individuals that make up the Democrat base, truly are.

I’m not alone in this belief. An op-ed that followed the article responded by making the correct point that conservatives are not an oppressed group (though this is far from an endorsement of that piece). But I think it’s important to go beyond the observation that they’re not oppressed."

I had to re-read the aforementioned a number times to truly grasp just how sick and twisted of an understanding of what education and free speech/debate are to the Neo-Leftist brain.

Given the original article that was released by conservatives is the basis for this neo-leftist reply article, to say "Conservatives are not an oppressed group" is either willing ignorance or proof they don't know what "Oppression" means.

Oppression is defined as "prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control."

If a group of people, white, black, republican, democrat or other are actively attacked, sometimes physically, and receive immediate rebuke and social consequences like doxing and threat by a large mob or majority number of people, they ARE BEING OPPRESSED. Period.

To say that conservative students somehow deserve special consideration is to misunderstand what an academic community is supposed to be. Rather than stifling debate, dismissing unproductive conservative ideas can open up our opportunities for meaningful discussion."

First, it is very telling that a Neo-Leftist would assume the Conservative Students are wanting "Special Treatment." Only the morally vapid democrat that lives and competes in the virtue Signal Olympic category of "I am the biggest Victim" would make this assumption. No, Conservative Students aren't wanting special treatment. They want to be treated the same way everyone else is.

"..is to misunderstand what an academic community is supposed to be. " Academia, and College Level Education especially, is supposed to be a place that welcomes ALL views and ideologies to allow students the ability to learn, debate and form the best possible outlook in doing so.

Everyone jokes about Democrat Liberal SJW's being the actual narrow minded fascist's, but it's not a joke and the last sentence here proves it. "Rather than stifling debate, dismissing unproductive conservative ideas can open up our opportunities for meaningful discussion."

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. There can be NO DEBATES if only one viewpoint and ideology is allowed to be presented and then lived. The statement "dismissing unproductive conservative ideas" is further evidence that the Neo-Left is comprised of sociopaths. Who do you think you are to dismiss or gate keep what the narrative and ideologies of other people may be?

They blame Conservatives for being Nazi's and Racist Bigots because they simply disagree with - and may be wanting to debate - viewpoints outside their own when transversely the Neo-Left want to literally destroy and control the discussion, thoughts, ideas or personal desires of anyone who wont blindly follow their Low-I.Q. Communist "Group Think."

Conservative ideas do not deserve equal consideration to that afforded liberal and left ideas, because conservative ideas are not equal to liberal and left ideas. "

Evidence Example that the Democrat Liberal Left Base are all Sociopath #9,000,872. "Conservative ideas do not deserve equal consideration to those of liberals because conservative ideas aren't equal to liberal ideas." It is hard for me to comment on this claim as every time I put my hands on the keys I find myself wanting to punch a hole through the monitor.

I am not sure if I have ever seen a more blatant example of Democrat Elitism than this. Don't forget, this is an accepted and approved staff member in a COLLEGE. Scared yet?

Our final part of this 5 part series tomorrow! We will be wrapping up with some never before seen hidden camera videos taken inside schools across the United States that you wont want to miss!

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