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Broomfield Police: True Professionals and Expert Operators.

December 5, 2018. It's 9:00pm and with the explosion of banging on a front door, a Police Department earns itself a place in HTR News Media's Hall of Fame - Broomfield Police Department, of Colorado.

Broomfield Police Department | Personal Event's Story | #BlueLivesMatter

One of my neighbors, a guy I've met once for 5 seconds in entirety, began banging my front door just as I was about to start making dinner. When I opened the door he burst inside yelling "My roommate just tried to stab me! She's very drunk and insane! And just attacked me with a knife!" I immediately verify that they called 911 and then, Knowing there is at least three other females that live there, and with the look of terror on his face, I followed him to his house.

He walked in, me in tow, and I motioned him to stand to the side out of view of a very drunk and violent woman. He gladly melted back into the darkness of a side room and I find the drunk girl held down by two other roommates just inside. The very drunk woman is screaming, struggling and the two roommates holding her down are scared, and visibly losing control of their violent roommate.

Using Verbal Judo and a bit of wit, I am able to convince the DK girl up and away from the scared roommates, and make her entire focus on me while walking outside and away from the front door. Once we are cleared of the door, I tell the roommates to lock themselves inside, and away from a very volatile situation.

This is where the reason for this post occurs.

I'm outside talking and trying to de-escalate a VERY angry drunk person in a bid to maintain this violent person in place until PD shows up and so she doesn't harm some innocent person that has the misfortune to cross their path.

While engaged in this verbal-judo standoff, I was overwhelmed to hear them [Broomfield Police] SILENTLY staging just outside our purview around the corner. That moment caused a surge of gratitude and pride for this Police Department - True Professional Operators!

If you don't know just how incredible and awesome this tactic used by them tonight was, think of it like this:

Violent Drunk person who had just tried to attack someone with a deadly weapon is begrudgingly kept outside but the smallest noise, wrong word, sight, or sound, like Police come in emergent with Lights, Sirens, and Multiple units OR pull around, pass-by, right in front of the Offender, and set them off to lose their minds and beginning attacking, self-harming, etc.

Before retiring from high risk warrant service to bail/contract companies, to accept this career, I witnessed first hand the danger of this exact situation not being executed properly. That said, I cannot sing enough praises for Broomfield Police! These people are TRUE professional experts in their duty as operators AND public servants.

Truly, thank you, Broomfield Police! Every time I have had experience with your department, it has been one of the utmost degree in honor, integrity, and care for your department’s citizens that you serve.

Our Police Department's and Law Enforcement Personnel all across the nation, perform tasks, duties, and engage in career long updated training to have the ability to perform as they did tonight. They ALL deserve our respect, our praise, our gratitude and most importantly, our PRAYERS!

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