WATCH! Innocent Person Drives Jeep Through BLM Barricade; BLM Opens Fire On Jeep.

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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A blue-colored Jeep drove through a crowd of protesters on Interstate 225 in Aurora on Saturday.

According to Aurora Police, a protester fired a weapon that struck another protester when the Jeep drove through the crowd. That person was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

#auroraprotest - In the state of Colorado’s CRS 18-3-303 (Colorado Revised Statutes) the blocking, obstructing or intimidating one to stay against there will is False Imprisonment and borderline kidnapping. Now that a gun was used to FORCE innocent people to stop on a highway, it becomes felonious and probably also terrorism under federal Law. (Also attempted murder.) #WhereIsJustice

“There have been no other reported incidents, to include anyone actually being hit by the Jeep. No arrests or citations,” APD said.

APD reported there was another incident where someone jumped off I-225, near Abilene and Second Avenue, injuring their leg.

According to FOX31’s Laura Wilson, Aurora police caught the vehicle and took the driver and a passenger into custody.

Should Aurora PD charge these two people HTR Media VOWS to fight court battles - and anything else necessary - to not only free these people, but also sue Aurora PD, Rioters.


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