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ALERT: Democrat ANTIFA Nearly Kill Conservatives Setting Precedent, Time To Defend Ourselves.

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Politicians have Failed to Protect Us. It's time to Escalate our Defensive Response. Here's How And Why.

Over this last weekend a precedent was set by the Democrat Freedom Fighters "ANTIFA" that some say is the "Final Straw" or the last line to be crossed before Conservative Patriots fight back to the effect of a Civil War.

No matter where you stand one thing is certain: We now have precedent to justifiably act in self-defense with extreme-prejudice.

Prior to the attempted murder of Andy Ngo - along with 12 other conservative victims hospitalized that day - we didn't have enough historical data (Precedent) of actions taken by the Democrat ANTIFA to escalate them as an immediate threat to life. However, that line was crossed this weekend and we now have precedent and we must escalate.

We ALL must assume the Democrat ANTIFA members have acid - or some other form of toxic chemical in their milkshakes, squirt guns, water balloons etc. - and that they are an imminent threat to life and property.

The Democrat ANTIFA members have just crossed the line from Non-Combatants to Terrorist, Insurgents, or Partisans capable of conducting violent engagements against their perceived enemies (Conservatives / Trump Supporters) equal to life altering and/or life ending. It is this fact that we must now shift how we conservatives conduct ourselves in self-defense when engaged by the Democrat ANTIFA Insurgents.

We can no longer afford to "wait and see" if they're only going to spit and scream at us as opposed to if they have acid and/or toxic chemicals they want to throw into our face, or if they are going to try to murder you with chains and bike locks.

The Constitution gave the American People the second amendment specifically for this moment in history. Our founding fathers wanted to be positive we as a people could not only defend ourselves from tyranny, but annihilate it.

And that is exactly what we must now do. We as a people have sat for almost 4 years watching our children be attacked in schools or on field trips. We have watched as mobs of angry, spoiled democrats hid their faces while burning cities down because they didn't win. We have watched the media, as well as the Democrat Party leadership, not only turn a blind eye to this terrorism, but applaud it and support it.

No. Enough is enough. It is now more apparent than it has been before that We The People are on our own to rid ourselves of tyranny. Our politicians don't care. They do nothing. Our law enforcement is told to stand down and have even been used to force Trump Supporters into mass mobs of Democrat ANTIFA insurgents.

It is up to us. The government has failed the people of this great Republic.


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