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It's Time We Pass 'Anti-Hypocrisy" Laws, Those Governing Need To Live The Laws They Force On America

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With the 2020 Presidential Election's just around the corner, and the execrable push by the Globalist Elite Democrats to degrade the fabric of our once great constitutional republic by any means necessary, it's time we as a Nation have a crucial conversation about our elected officials implementing laws their own constituents, the very people they were elected to Serve, not Dictate, are not in favor of.

It's time for American Citizens to reclaim their voice and power granted them by our founding fathers. It's time to require Anti-Hypocrisy Laws.

The rationale of representative government is that in large modern countries the people cannot all assemble, as they did in the marketplace of democratic Athens or Rome; and if, therefore, the people are to participate in government, they must select and elect a small number from among themselves to represent and to act for them.

A recent poll of college students showed an unnerving percentage that did not know our elected officials are supposed to serve the people and act ONLY by their constituents desires. Instead, they thought that the purpose of electing officials was to find the best individual candidate that "closely represents" their own ideologies, but acts as a sort of elected dictator.

Like I said, unnerving. It's no wonder the uneducated masses are so eager to accept Socialism.

President Trump being elected gave us a look behind the curtain, so to speak, revealing a corrupt political system that believes it's sole purpose is to control, silence and placate the American people. And with Deep State political system's propaganda machines, the Main Stream Media, failing to control the narratives of what people see and believe, they've been working in overdrive to shut down independent media sources like this one.

All of this leads us to one important conclusion: The American People need to take back our power. We need to force those WE elect to serve us again, and not dictate us. There should no longer be laws for us, but not for them.

Not many know this, but during Obama's terrible Obamacare debacle the Senate and House would not pass the bill until they were exempt from it. Yet, the American People risked a fine if they refused to sign up for this nightmare. That is, at it's core, the very definition of a dictatorship. And since then it has only gotten worse.

Anti-Hypocrisy Laws would be a key, surefire way to take the dictator ideological power from those in elected positions that no longer view themselves as being our servants, but rather our masters.

Want to pass a bill forcing socialism on the American people? You must not be exempt from having your income divided up, taxed at the same rates and lose the same amount of property as the rest of us.

Like Mr. Socialist Bernie Sanders and his 3 mansions. He can give up two of them and allow the less fortunate to stay in his remaining house with him.

Anti-Hypocrisy laws should be mandatory and nationwide.


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