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Man Sentenced To 5 Years Prison For Killing Home Invader That Stabbed Him In The Head While He Slept

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Canada RCMP - As if we didn't have enough evidence showcasing how insane - and corrupt - the Liberal Fascists are in Canada, we are presented with what has to be the most egregious, incomprehensible judgement in many years against someone who killed the person that was trying to kill them first.

Even though the Manitoba judge said Dakota Pratt - the victim - was justified in trying to defend himself from a late-night intruder, he was still sentenced to 5 years prison for killing the intruder stating "he took that defense too far."

Dakota Pratt, 28, was sentenced on Thursday to five years in prison, after a jury at Brandon's Court of Queen's Bench found him guilty in April of manslaughter in the attack that killed Vincent Bunn.

The home intruder and attempted murderer, Vincent Bunn, 21, entered Pratt's home in the early morning of Sept. 2, 2016. 

Pratt, who was asleep in a basement bedroom, awoke to a "feeling of being stabbed" in the head. Yes, you read that right. The intruder was stabbing the sleeping homeowner in the head which is why is he then got up and found a knife-wielding intruder in his room and — not knowing who the person was — chased him into the hallway.

"Mr. Pratt was the victim of an unprovoked assault … and knew he was in a struggle for his own life," Court of Queen's Bench Justice Robert Cummings said in his sentencing decision.

A struggle ensued and continued through the home's main floor and then outside to the deck, where Bunn was stabbed with his own knife 13 times, according to the agreed upon facts read out by Cummings at Pratt's sentencing hearing.

Court was told the final stab, to Bunn's heart, was the fatal one, and that he was kicked a number of times afterwards. 

It's unknown when exactly Pratt got Bunn's knife during the struggle. However, Pratt suffered significant blood loss and wounds to his scalp sometime during the incident. 

"He was justified in taking defensive action, but the jury has concluded that his taking the knife of Mr. Bunn and stabbing him multiple times went beyond what was necessary for self-defence," Cummings said.

Pratt's defense lawyer, Matt Gould, asked for a three-year sentence. The Crown recommended a sentence of eight years.

EIGHT YEARS. Let that sink in. A man who was asleep in his home was awoken by a crazy home invader stabbing him in his head at which time he fights back - all the while losing copious amounts of blood mind you - and in the heat of one of the scariest moments any person could face, rightfully killed his attacker. And this judge felt he still deserved prison time.

"This is not waking up to someone yelling at you. Someone's cutting his head open … that's somebody who is showing from the beginning how serious they are."

Without a doubt this is one of the more Social Justice Neo-Liberalism events I have ever reported on. God help the United States of America to NEVER become so convoluted and evil.

Source(s): CBC, Manitoba Crown Court, Open-Sh Records


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