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2018 - The Year Democrat's Proved Their Illogical Logic Behind Hypocrisy.

Seeing the throngs of people bolstered up like puppets on the main stream media chanting "Death to Trump" while screaming with a resounding "Yes! It Doesn't Matter!" when asked if they "Would you Still Vote for Hillary Clinton if it was proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she is a criminal?"

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Matthew 23:28 - In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.

It's no secret that God, the bible, and humanity have HATED hypocrisy since the beginning of time. However, in 2008 this all changed. We saw a rise in what could only be called Neo-Leftism or Neo-Liberalism, and with that, the dawn of Hypocrisy becoming mainstream by those who were championing this change - and in 2018 we are witnessing the actual collapse of the Democrat Party as their Hypocrisy is literally destroying them from the inside out.

In September of 2015, the Times Call published an op-ed called "Why you should vote for integrity." It is even more relevant today.

I once had a friend who told me he didn't care if Hillary was a criminal, he would still vote for her because he want Democrats in control. Using this deficient logic, I wonder if he would put Bill Cosby in office if that guaranteed a Democratic victory? I sure would not want this person on a jury. Integrity is doing what's right even when no one is looking. The ends justify any means used is not integrity.

The Democratic Party are hypocritical and don't care about anything but regaining power at any cost. They say they are for women yet don't call for an investigation into who leaked Dr. Ford's letter. The unauthorized leak per Dr. Ford's sworn testimony has caused her and her family to receive death threats. Her life will never be the same. This alleged victim of sexual abuse might now always have to look over her shoulder because she was betrayed by the Democratic leadership. Sad!

The judicial committee offered to fly out and conduct an interview at Dr. Ford's home. Yet her attorneys, per her testimony, did not tell her this. Therefore all of her testimony was made in front of the world, against this alleged victim's wishes. Her attorneys also told the committee she was afraid of flying and it could take six days for her to drive to an interview. Dr. Ford testified she flies all over the world on vacations but did not like flying. Resist and delay.

The Democratic Party promotes "getting in your face" at restaurants, your place of business, anywhere if they disagree with you. The Democratic Party says it is for free speech, just as long as it supports their views. If they don't agree with you, you are shouted down or they try to ban you from talking.

The Democratic Party picks and chooses what laws it upholds. They won't even call an illegal alien an illegal alien. Instead, they make up nonlegal terms such as "undocumented immigrants." And they sell this crap to their ignorant supporters. There is no such thing under law as an undocumented immigrant. No country can afford to allow people to decide what laws to follow and what laws not to follow. But that is exactly what the Democratic Party promotes.

Remember "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon" and the towns burned, and the riots under Obama's administration? Only Democrats riot. Never in history have you ever seen Republicans riot or Republicans burn cities. Wonder why there are no riots today?

The Democrats say they are for gays, yet fought president Trump on extreme vetting of people coming into our country from countries where homosexuality is outlawed and gays are killed.

The Democrats say they are for minorities by wanting to give more freebies to them. The chains of welfare. Republicans give minorities great jobs.

The Democrats say the are for Americans, then they push for us to be in treaties where other countries can dictate how we live. These globalists are not patriots. Patriots don't put us in treaties where we take marching orders from other countries. American patriots don't put anyone over Americans.

But the scariest part is many in the Democratic Party are willing to forgo the presumption of innocence. They are willing to destroy lives based only on accusations. No American patriot is for this. None! So this should disturb many Democrats.

I don't care if Republicans, Democrats or Independents show up to vote. My prayer is American patriots show up to vote. The Globalist Liberalism Rising in our Nation, and the World, is attack the foundations of our Nation. It's time we wise up, or open the door.... Being silent is no longer an option.


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