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100+ Arrest's Made in MASS Pedo-Sting Operation Tracking Illegal Immigrant Sex Traffickers.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Despite the multitudes of pressure being mounted on President Donald Trump from the opposition Democratic party in order to derail him from "Making America Great Again", Trump is still focused on putting the country back in shape.

In a MASSIVE WIN for thousand's upon thousand's of Children, President Trump has scored another in a long line of win's in the fight against Pedophile Ring's and Child Trafficking. Still think the Democrat's want Open Border's for the "good of humanity?" Just like Bill Clinton in the 70's helping cover up an airstrip that became the central hub for ALL of the Cocaine brought into the United States, the Democrat's are STILL doing everything they can to help keep the cash flow into their corrupt pockets. Sickening.

In a new massive sting operation which was carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New Jersey to crack down on illegal immigrants and child sex traffickers, over 100 people were arrested despite the so-called sanctuary policies.

From ICE Operations: "the vast majority of arrests came from Mexico and South America. Of those arrested, 80 percent, ICE said, had prior criminal conviction and /or pending criminal charges. Their alleged crimes included promoting prostitution of a child, large scale fraud, aggravated criminal sexual offences and extortion."

This is just one among many other arrests that have been carried out in the past, in an effort to crackdown on illegal immigrants in the United States. It is time you open your eyes. If you still believe the Main Stream Media's bull, and follow the Democratic Party, you truly need to do your own thinking. There is a reason the #WalkAway movement is exploding by the hundred's of thousand's per month.

Source: FBI/ICE Statistics / HTR News Media / associated writer: Fox News


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