Healing the Church - Then the World

- We Have Failed The World -  

The Modern Church has substituted Truth on the Altar of Social Relevance and Politically Correctness. 


- Series Part 1 and 2 Just Uploaded - 

“Modern Christianity – It’s Black and White”


Word Of The Day

Striving, For Christians, only exists in the absence of realizing the grace of our Father's Love - All Insecurities, Fear, Anxiety, Turmoil, only exists when there's an absence of the LIVING in our Father's Love.

Our Birthright, when we accept Jesus, contains ALL that exists in Heaven like healing, joy, abundance, peace, strength.

Meaning, our Identity is supposed to be in our Birthright, and is ours free of Charge - We only need to accept it. No Striving Needed.  - Jordan Peltz, "It's Black and white"

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Modern Christianity - It's Black and White

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