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HTR News Media is a syndicated platform for the aggregation of researched news, current events, video, media and politics. We see the word's "biased" and "unbiased" plastered as talking point's in almost every Opinion News piece on the national level. HTR News Media isn't here to be "unbiased," but rather biased in the regard of finding TRUTH for those of you whom no longer wish to be lied to and deceived.


We have watched the Main Stream Media become a mouthpiece for the deepstate and the Neo-Facist's that run it. Backed by George Soros, and the true "world elite," the agenda of the Neo-Facist Cabal has been proliferating every aspect of society since the dawn of the early 1960's and has used member's of the extreme right and extreme left in politics to begin the rapid degradation of society as we all know it. 

Sound's like a "conspiracy theory?" Well, by the actual definition of conspiracy theory, it is. The difference being, this "theory" has factual basis and the event's of the last 4 year's have began to shed light on it.  Don't take our word for it - Watch the reports, segments, and feed's here.

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